Monday, May 28, 2007

Charlie Sheen Responds To New York Post Hit Piece

Charlie Sheen Responds To New York Post Hit Piece

Actor: "My views and convictions regarding 9/11 have not
wavered" Charlie Sheen

Prison Planet

More disgusting spin from Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. I awoke
Memorial Day to see more than a dozen news stories trumpeting that
Charlie Sheen was no longer involved in Loose Change Final Cut.
Within hours, the distortions of Page Six (known for blackmailing
people with real and manufactured dirt) had mutated into complete
fairy tales in other publications alleging 9/11 truth was a dying
fad, and that Rosie O'Donnell had also deserted the movement.
If the New World Order wants to hide their crimes of 9/11 they're
going to have to do a better job than this.
Charlie Sheen courageously followed his conscience when he publicly
questioned the official 9/11 fable - that angers the establishment
and they desperately want to create the illusion that he has
recanted - not just in an attempt to discredit Mr. Sheen, but to
scare other prominent members of the community from going public as
Below are the cold hard facts directly from Charlie Sheen.
Charlie Sheen has issued a brief statement in response to a New
York Post article that claimed he was having "second thoughts" about
his involvement in Loose Change Final Cut and the 9/11 Truth Movement
as a whole.
(Article continues below)

My views and convictions regarding the events of 9/11 have not
wavered. I still firmly believe the citizens of this great country,
especially the family members of those tragically lost, deserve a
much more accurate and thorough investigation surrounding the
horrific events.
The suspicious fact that certain relevant testimonies were not
included in the Keen Commission's final report, discredits the
majority of their findings. A bi-partisan, democratically selected
panel needs to be established that would include (but not limited
to), victim family members, firefighters, rescue workers as well as
key eye witnesses to the various crime scenes. Not some tepid rehash
of Bush-serving lap-dogs cherry picking evidence to support erroneous
and fictional "Magic Bullet" explanations.
We will not tolerate any testimony behind closed doors from
subjects not placed "Under Oath". We will not tolerate the real and
hard questions being dismissed for reasons of "National Security". We
will not tolerate our freedom of speech being dismantled and ignored
as not to "Disrespect the deceased".
I'm baffled as well by the fact Bin Laden's crimes listed on the
FBI's most wanted list DO NOT include those of 9/11. If you do not
believe me, see for yourselves -

As far as "Loose Change- Final Cut" is concerned, I await the
newest version to be presented to me, at which point I will make my
decision to participate (or not) based on the film's content and
I remain patriotically steadfast.
Charlie Sheen.
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