Friday, May 25, 2007

Fwd: Phone call from Mike Cook

Phone call from Mike Cook 05/25/2007:

Michael says, "The Judge does not want to have it his court room"
the "it" is 9/11.

He has a hearing scheduled June 6.

Michael talked about possible being force medicated, so far he has
refused all medication. (Nice going Mike)

He asked me to contact his attorney, Kerry Neff, and put him in touch
with a 9/11 Truth Psychiatrist, Carol Wolman. I did.

I tried to record the conversation, but failed to do so. Damn it!

Michael seemed in good spirits, and had a very positive outlook about
his fate in the hands of the feds. Looks like he will be released
July 1st.

He mentioned trying to watch the View this past Thursday, May 24th,
and noted that all he could see was Bush. We laughed about how
desperate "they" are, and agreed that the "Truth" is unstoppable.

He is not getting any letters, I told him people had been sending
letters, and post cards. Mike thinks they are stopping the letters.

Alfons v911t

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