Friday, May 04, 2007

Major Italian TV network: WTC Building 7 was demolished with explosives

by Massimo Mazzucco

Global Research, May 3, 2007
911 Blog

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"Seven is exploding"

Welcome to all foreign readers. Luogocomune is a news commentary site
(all in Italian, thus far) featuring a large, separate section on
9/11. In a way, the whole website revolves around the idea that
unless that paramount, unacceptable lie called "the 9/11 terrorist
attacks" is removed and put into right perspective, the downward
spiral towards this new "dark age" of humanity will never stop.

To us "9/11 victims" are not only the 3,000 people that perished on
that day, but also some 650,000 civilians killed in Iraq since the
invasion began, 100,000 plus Afghans who've met the same fate in
their country, more than 3,000 US soldiers sent by "Dick & Rummy" to
die under false pretense, and --sadly but truly -- the ever
increasing number of first responders who were knowingly sent to
their death by an administration that could be defined "criminal" for
this one action alone.

It's for them all that we fight.

Now for some interesting news we wish to share with anyone interested
in 9/11 worldwide.

On April 16, 2007, a major Italian network (Canale 5) has aired some
conclusive evidence that Building 7 did not collapse on its own, but
was deliberately taken down with the use of explosives.

The piece was part of a larger presentation we provided to the
network as an update on the ongoing research on 9/11. In particular,
we included a clip we had all seen many times before, but possibly
never listened to with the full attention it deserved. Here is the 6
min. segment (please ignore yellow subtitles):

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