Friday, May 11, 2007

Germany: Riots After Police Raids Against Anti-G 8 Infrastructure

On may 9th, the police raided several radical-left projects in Hamburg and Berlin, and confiscated files, computers and printers. They claim to be looking for evidence of terrorist activities. In the last two years, a number of cars belonging to politicians and managers were burned with links to the G8 summit this year in Heiligendamm

* 900 police raided about 40 houses and projects in Hamburg, Berlin, and Bremen** the communication structure of anti-G8 movement was targeted*The raids led to a number of solidarity actions all over europe. Protest marches in more than ten cities. Solidarity actions at german consulates. Paint ball attacks on the german consulate in Scotland and so on.. In Germany thousands were protesting and rioting, mainly in Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg.

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