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Nuclear Directed Energy Weapon (NDEW) Program - DOE/1994

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Nuclear Directed Energy Weapon (NDEW) Program - DOE/1994
Federation of American Scientist

The Nuclear Directed Energy Weapon (NDEW) program involves tailored
use of nuclear explosives and has the potential for making a
significant contribution to strategic defense. The reason for
classifying NDEW information is to avoid aiding potential adversaries
in: (1) developing NDEWs; (2) promoting the development of
countermeasures; or (3) developing new strategies or shifts in
deployments that could reduce the effectiveness of U.S. NDEWs.

10a The fact that the DOE is interested in or conducting research on
NDEW concepts of certain specified generic types of output; i.e., x
rays, visible light, microwaves, charged particles, and kinetic

10b. Classified. Details of NDEW designs and outputs.

11a. Unclassified. General programmatic information (e.g., meetings,
travel, construction, equipment procurement) not revealing technical
status or program scope.

11b. Classified. Information that reveals the technical status or
program scope of any type of NDEW.

12a. Unclassified. Fact that underground tests at the NTS have been a
part of the NDEW research program.

13a. Unclassified. Association with NTS of nuclear explosive driven x-
ray lasers or an unspecified NDEW, provided that the association does
not relate to a specific nuclear event.

13b. Classified. Association of a nuclear explosive driven x-ray
laser or an unspecified NDEW with a specific nuclear event.

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