Wednesday, May 23, 2007

September 11 products (NTSB)

Mr Lopatkiewicz,

My request was not an inquiry into the investigation of the Sept 11 attacks (we already hit many brick walls in the past as I'm sure you are aware), rather an inquiry into the work product itself used in any investigation the NTSB produces. Such as a description of the different grids used on the animations that are regularly produced by the NTSB regardless if it were used for Sept 11. If this is something that is bound by red tape and needs an FOIA to get an answer, what has this country become? We have tried time and time again to get answers from the NTSB and the FBI for the products your agency has produced which do not support the govt story. Neither agency is willing to cooperate. Why is that Ted? Your American 77 Animation based on what your agency claims is from the AA77 FDR released through the FOIA does not support the govt story (see our webpage for press release), and now it appears your UA93 Animation does not support the govt story in many areas as well
(report will be forthcoming, unless you would like to address the conflicts prior to print?). The american people want answers. Remember, the govt serves the people, not the other way around. Unless that is the ultimate goal.

Rob Balsamo
CC: members of
Several media outlets.

Lopatkiewicz Ted wrote:
Mr. Balsamo:
I understand that you have recently contacted Mr. Doug Brazy of our staff to inquire about work done following the September 11 terrorist attacks. As you well know, we supported the Federal Bureau of Investigation's investigation into those attacks. Our work product was done on their behalf. Under the Freedom of Information Act, we have released some of that work product, and it can be found on our website. Because this work was done to support another agency, we are not commenting on it, and would refer all inquiries to the FBI. Any future contact with our agency on this matter should be conducted through established FOIA procedures. Please do not contact any NTSB employees directly on this matter. Ted Lopatkiewicz
Director of Public Affairs

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