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Debunking FDR Debunking

Debunking FDR Debunking

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In the spirit of DRG's latest book "Debunking 9/11 Debunking", i thought i would put together an article for those to help out with the most common so-called "Debunks" of our work.

Claim - There are No pilots at
All above names who are pilots certified by the FAA can be cross referenced here...

Claim - The FDR is missing 2-6 seconds of data
FDR Recorders built to .5 sec lag maximum standard
Radar Altitude Confirms too high

Claim - There is altimeter lag in the animation and csv file due to flying outside the aircraft envelope.

Airdata Calibration and Measurement

FDR Vertical Speed - Altimeter lag issues Addressed

Radar Altitude Confirms too High

Reserved - more info forthcoming

Claim - The Information that P4T has analyzed may not be from the NTSB (P4T may have fabricated the information and claims it came from the NTSB)

csv file download and cover letters provided by Undertow

Raw data decode provided by Undertow

Animation cover letters/envelope provided by Snowgrouch

Animation cover letters provided by Mick Harrison

Reserved - More forthcoming
Animation provided by Third party on google video

George Washington University NTSB Data


NTSB FOIA Contact - Melba D. Moye
NTSB FOIA Request form -

Claim - The csv file and animation show a heading along the official flight path. csv file heading does not line up perfectly with physical damage
csv file was altered to show southern approach
Animation Alterations, Citgo Gas Station Video, witnesses

Claim - Pilots For 9/11 Truth has not provided all the data
We have provided all data which pertains to all published research and analysis that is not proprietary in nature. All information/data can be found on links above. The only information we cannot and do not provide is a proprietary Data Frame Layout which does not change our analysis in any way. Undertow can expand on this more when he sees this post.

Claim - Cover Letter Dated March 22, 2007 says Animation not "Official" that its a "working copy" Animation cover letter provided by Mick Harrison
Animation isnt the only information we have. We also have a Raw file and csv file (see above). However, the cover letter states the animation "was not used for official purpose" which means it was never used in an investigation. It is an official copy since it was officially provided through the Freedom Of Information Act and from the NTSB. The NTSB notes in the cover letter that they want everything as accurate as possible when providing information through the FOIA, however they note one error which was made to the clock annotation. They do not account for any other possible errors regarding the animation in this cover letter.

Given the fact that all we really need is the last data point - we offer the following article. FDR Recorders built to .5 sec lag maximum standard

These are some of the most common arguments when discussing Pilots For 9/11 Truth analysis regarding the information provided by the NTSB. I will add common arguments as they arise. Hope this is helpful for those defending the analysis/research. For original thread in our forums..


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