Tuesday, June 05, 2007

[Fwd: Re: 911 research]

Ok Ben,
I will do the interview with you, send the questions. I may want to publish your thesis on my site, and pass it around the 9/11 Truth Community. Will that be ok with you? Thanks,
> Hello Alf
>>Hey my name is Ben McHolme and I am from Sydney, Australia and currently attend Grade 12 (final year) at Mosman High School. For one of the
>> subjects
>>called society and culture I have to do a Personal Interest Project
>> (PIP).
>>We are allowed to research anything we like and write a thesis on it. I have decided to do the September eleven conspiracy, the facts
>> disapproving
>>the accepted story and the affect it has had on the world, comparing America and Australia. A requirement of the PIP is qualitative research
>> and
>>I have decided to conduct some interviews with people who believe in the conspiracy and people who don't. If you agree to an interview via email I would be happy to send you some questions, if you would not like to participate, thanks for you time and very helpful website.
>>From Ben McHolme

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