Friday, June 29, 2007

An Interview with Presidential Candidate Congressman Ron Paul

Muckraker Report: Last February, I published an article at the Muckraker Report called “9/11 Widows Keep on Asking the Tough Questions,” in which I interviewed four out of five of the “Jersey girls,” the 9/11 widows who spearheaded the drive to form the 9/11 Commission. In that article, Lorie van Auken calls the 9/11 Commission Report a “pathetic excuse of a report,” in which “seventy percent of our questions went unanswered.” Widow Monica Gabrielle had this to say: “Addressing all these unanswered questions out there is about more than simply trying to quell conspiracy theories. It’s about making sure Americans are safe by revealing the unfettered truth about the failures. Because you can’t make recommendations on distortions, omissions, and half-truths, which is basically what the 9/11 Commission did.” As president, would you be in favor of reopening investigation into the 9/11 attacks?

Congressman Ron Paul: If the 9/11 families aren’t satisfied with the results of the 9/11 Commission, than neither am I. I’m in favor of an independant investigation, provided costs are kept in check.

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