Monday, June 18, 2007

MORET: Geiger Counter Shootout At the OK Corral

For Immediate Release

*Geiger Counter Shootout At the OK Corral

by Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner
San Francisco Bay View

(San Francisco) June 14, 2007 - "This has sure been a "Geiger Counter" shootout at the OK Corral and it will continue to be. Citizens armed with radiation monitors in Hawaii are creating a global citizen air monitoring movement" declared world famous radiation expert Leuren Moret. [1]

"I am going to Canada next week to meet with cattle ranchers and First Nation People who are tired of being poisoned... by uranium... by mining... by oil and gas burnoffs... by the "Big Boys" on Wall Street, Buckingham Palace, and the City of London."

"And I now have an air monitoring group working around the world to air monitor their poisoned environments and a black community at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in south San Francisco tired of having their children die of cancer and suffer from asthma."

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