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Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference - June 22-24, 2007

Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference - June 22-24, 2007

The Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society will be hosting a multi-speaker,
international conference to expose the realities, myths, omissions and
distortions of the official narrative of the events of September 11th,
2001, and the evidence which contradicts what we, the public, have been
told about that fateful day; the defining moment of the 21st Century.

The theme of the conference is "9/11, Canada and the New World Order -
Reclaiming Our Destiny" and will therefore focus not only on what did or
did not occur, on that day, but will also look critically at what has
been done, and is being done today, by our own government(s) with 9/11
as the justification, and why Canadians and people around the world must
demand a new, full, fair and impartial investigation into 9/11.

Topics for discussion include:

a.. Solid Evidence that directly contradicts the Official Narrative of
b.. The History of False Flag Terrorism
c.. The War On Terror and Canada's participation in it, our role in the
War in Afghanistan, and that country's relationship to 9/11.
d.. The use of Depleted Uranium Weapons which are permanently injuring
and even killing Canadian Armed Forces personnel, and destroying
Afghanistan and Iraq (and the world) with radioactive dust, as well
Canada's roll in producing such weapons.
e.. The Weaponization of Space and Canada's participation in the space
program, the Military Industrial Complex, as well as hi-tech weapons and
their potential uses
f.. The S.P.P. (Security and Prosperity Partnership) between the USA,
Canada and Mexico, which many contend is a blueprint for a North
American Union (without citizen input nor public debate), as well as the
fate of democracy, civil rights, Canadian culture and our national
g.. Big Brother and the Surveillance of Ordinary Citizens in Canada and
h.. Globalization and "New World Order" agenda for Canada and the world.
i.. Gatekeeping: suppression of information by the mass media, political
parties and respected authors and political commentators.
j.. The importance, methods and means of 9/11 Truth Activism

Speakers include:

Webster Griffin Tarpley, Prof. Steven E. Jones, Prof. Kevin Barrett,
Will Thomas, Robin Hordon, Rowland Morgan, Barrie Zwicker, Hal Sisson,
Ian Woods, Connie Fogal, Ken Fernandez, Dr. Bill Deagle, Dr. Joe
Hawkins, Gillian Norman, Prof. Peter Dale Scott, Prof. Michael Keefer
and more

Full Weekend Tickets $95 CDN (including lunch on Saturday and Sunday) OR
Single Day Tickets: Friday $25, Saturday and Sunday $50 each day

6 pm to 10 pm on Friday, June 22nd, 2007 (doors open at 5 pm)
10 am to 6 pm on Saturday, June 23rd, 2007
10 am to 8 pm on Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Venue / Location:

The Maritime Labour Centre
1880 Triumph St..,
Vancouver, B.C.
V5L 1K3

Information about Vancouver, Travel and Accommodations Here

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