Wednesday, July 11, 2007

BREAKING (AP)-- Chertoff on possible 7/11/07 Al-Qaeda attack

Captain May wrote:
Lt. Bryan Nelson wrote:
Do you think there's going to be an Al Qaeda attack tomorrow, 7/11/07? We were alerted for 7/7/07, and we're still on alert.


It was a good idea to be alert on 7/7, the second anniversary of the London attacks. 7/11, the anniversary of Mumbai, is a big concern, too. We've already seen Al Qaeda use anniversary attacks. For instance, they attacked the USS Cole on 10/12/00, the hit Bali on 10/12/02, exactly two years later.

7/11/07 is the last of the "red zone" dates (7/7/07 - 7/11/07) that I discussed in my recent (7/3/07) intelligence interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett:
The first hour we talk mostly about me and Iraq, but the second hour is all about the Al-Qaeda date code in its major attacks:

9/11 -- New York, 2001
3/11 -- Madrid, 2004
7/7 -- London, 2005
11/9 -- Jordan, 2005
7/11 -- Mumbai, 2006

Last year, shortly after the 7/11 Mumbai bombings, I published a well-read article on the topic of Al Qaeda date coding:
In it I included a history of the aborted Al Qaeda attempts on British Petroleum interests:

3/30 -- 2004, explosion
3/23 -- 2005, explosion
7/27 -- 2005, explosion delayed until the next day, 7/28
1/31 -- 2006, explosion interdicted
When President Bush talks about the successful interdictions of Al Qaeda attempts, he's talking about BP and our efforts to protect it, at least in part.

Best regards, and good luck,

Captain Eric May, MI

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