Saturday, July 28, 2007

Gatekeepers of the Left Covering Up Truth of 9-11

Doctor Griffin, your tireless work for 9-11 truth is a tremendous
asset to the 9-11 Truth Movement. Thanks in large part to you,
Doctor Jones, hundreds of fearless individuals standing up from
within the ranks of former military and intelligence officers,
pilots, academics, architects and engineers, and a dedicated global
grass-roots movement of truth seekers, the truth of 9-11 is so widely
known now that it may be difficult to impossible for the insiders who
planned and perpetrated these treasonous attacks to do another "false
flag" operation anytime soon.

David, i know you to be a person of keen intelligence and impeccable
good-faith. You are always willing to give people the benefit of the
doubt and a chance to prove themselves to be something other than
what they might appear to be. I find this characteristic to be a
laudable part of your nature and would never suggest otherwise.

That said, in this particular matter at hand of the adamant denial by
certain, normally well-informed, individuals of anything unusual or
suspicious or outright impossible about the Official Conspiracy
Theory (OCT) of 9-11, i wonder if perhaps you're not being too
generous. Truth be told, certain 'reputable' people, darlings of the
so called "left", do not share your virtues of honesty and good-faith.

To illustrate my point, what do the following people have in common:
Noam Chomsky, George Lakoff, Alexander Cockburn, Christopher
Hitchens, Greg Palast, Norman Solomon, and Jon Stewart? Members of
the Hair Club for Men? Add Amy Goodman to the mix and one might
say, "Oh, these are champions of the 'left', stalwart liberals".

Who could argue that most of these people haven't done lots of
outstanding work for noble causes? And, owing to their celebrity
status, each of these people are able to influence the opinions of a
large swath of the political spectrum in this country.

But where are these people on 9-11, the single most pivotal event in
modern history? On this critical incident, the excuse for so much of
what is now wrong in this county and the world, these much ballyhooed
champions of the "left", thought leaders and opinion-makers, suddenly
become "brain dead". Some of them have made such bizarre
proclamations about 9-11 that you're left wondering if they might be
trying their hand at stand-up comedy. Though there is a more logical
explanation: that these lovable lefties are in reality "gatekeepers
of the left".

This "gatekeeper" concept is a relatively new one for me, but i've
come to appreciate the role gatekeepers of the "left" and the "right"
play in the overall propaganda program and in stifling the open
exchange of ideas deemed unacceptable to the ruling elite. It
doesn't matter if a gatekeeper is conscious of their role or if a
person with the "right" thinking just happens to have been promoted
through the system, the result is the same.

In addition to being "gatekeepers of the left", these eight people
have something else in common: they all hail from a particular tribe
whose name can not be spoken without inviting charges of being anti-
Middle-Eastern, or, more commonly and ad nauseam, anti-Semitic. This
expression, anti-Semitic, is a clever term used by people who have a
zealous dedication to Israel to describe anyone who doesn't share
their steadfast devotion to this particular apartheid state. The
implication is that one can not be critical of Israel without being
critical of Jews and if you're critical of Jews you must be
ethnocentric and disparaging of all Semitic people. Ironically
enough, Arabs make up the majority of the Semitic people. Because of
this shrewd framing, criticism of Zionism, the fanatical fidelity to
an apartheid Jewish state in the "holy land" gifted to Jews by
Yahweh, is impossible.

It's pretty clear at this stage of our collective investigation into
the crimes of 9-11 that the perpetrators include not only elements
within the USG but also individuals aligned with Israel, be
they "dual citizens" or straight up Mossad agents. Anyone wanting to
protect these criminal miscreants within the USG and the "special"
(master/slave) relationship between Israel and the USG is going to do
everything in their power to discredit the people such as yourself
and Doctor Jones who have put together so many of the pieces of the 9-
11 puzzle.

While i think it's polite and proper to personally ask
these "gatekeepers of the left" to look at the evidence of 9-11, i'd
fall off my chair if a single one of them publicly took a stand for 9-
11 truth. And when one of these gatekeepers goes out of their way to
slander a reputable 9-11 researcher i don't think we should just
shrug it off, i think that we, as a community of truth activists,
should seek either an open debate with the offending person or a
public retraction. If neither of these are forthcoming, i believe a
lawsuit is the only answer.

David, thank you for taking the time to read this rather long e-
mail. If you have any thoughts or comments on this matter i am
always interested in your perspective.

For Truth,

Dennis "galen" Mitrzyk

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