Thursday, July 05, 2007

Toledo 9/11 Truth Street Action, July 4th, got TV coverage.

The Toledo 9/11 Truth July 4th street action was a big success. We got on TV twice, on local affiliates Fox, and NBC. I was interviewed and got on TV, on Fox believe it or not, someone recorded it, should be able to get it on the site pretty soon. The help from the media was an unexpected pleasant surprise, we got the 9/11 message out in broadcast force. I did send them all a press release, 2 out of 6 responded, not too bad really, but well it was a slow news day. I will have to send a thank you note to Fox, and NBC, they were very cordial.
We talked to a ton of people, handing out literature, and DVDs, I was bull horning continuously, belting out "9/11 was an inside job, the USA has been overthrown. Come on people let's defend our constitution" and stuff like that.
We had lots of positive encounters with very few negative. Everyone involved, 10 of us, all deemed it a great success. We are eager to do some more street action, at summer festivals and where ever lots of people are gathering. Not a word, or even a scowl from the cops, they noticed us, but said nothing.
I learned from the Fox reporter that a neo-nazi group was in town, never saw anything of them. The last time they came to town a large riot took place that got National News Coverage. We were able to stear clear of riots and naional news coverage.
Alfons v911t

What: Toledo 9/11 Truth Street Action July 4th
When: Wednesday, July 4, 5:00 PM
Where: Click the link below to find out!
Event Description: Toledo 9/11 Truth Street Action on the July 4thThe purpose is to heighten awareness of the Truth about 9/11. Banners, signs, information handouts, DVD hand outs.Meet at the main entrance of COSI on July 4th before the fireworks. Secondary Purpose:To promote Dr. Robert Bowman's Patriot Tour Stop in Toledo, Ohio July 10, 2007 5:30 to 7:30 PM at the University of Toledo Student Union room # 2592Learn More
Peace through Truth,Alfons
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