Saturday, June 30, 2007

"Pilots For 911 Truth Presents.. Volume 1" -- New DVD!

- Presents... Volume 1 - Jam packed DVD of the finest has to offer thus far. Excellent to copy and hand out to the "stubborn".

Compilation Of Presentations made by members. Featuring Flight Data Recorder presentation by Calum Douglas in London, a chat with current Captain of jetBlue Airways and Former USAF Accident Investigation Board President LtCol Jeff Latas, interview with Air Force Fighter Pilot LtCol Guy Razer including (lack of) NORAD response on September 11, 2001, and a discussion with Captain Dan Govatos -- FAA Designated Examiner/Airline Check Airman who attempts to duplicate the attacks on the World Trade Center with his pilots at his airline in an airline simulator. Also includes interview with Co-Founder Rob Balsamo regarding Flight Data Recorder Raw file decode. We are currently in the process of attempting to raise funds for a future conference. A donation of 14.95 includes shipping within the USA.
(scroll to bottom to get your high quality copy)

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