Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Look What Rosie O'Donnell Just Posted

I've been looking at Rosie's blog daily since she came out for 9/11
Truth. She has enormous clout with people who don't normally think
about these things, has changed a lot of minds. I wondered when she'd
get back into the game.
Posted by ro on August 21st at 9:22pm in in the news
Presents. . Volume II - In 3D

Continuation of Volume I with a high quality, updated, 3D in depth
Never before seen Three Dimensional view of American 77 Flight Path
according to data provided by the National Transportation Safety
Board. Removing altitude and NTSB northern plot data as a variable
(see and Pandora's
Black Box - Chapter Two for more information), we use the "impact
point" as point of origin analyzing data outwards based on heading,
descent angles and bank angles to observe if the data can account for
the physical damage path. This analysis is unlike any other in that
it asks the question, "Ignoring altitude and flight path plotted by
the NTSB, could remaining American 77 data account for the physical
damage at The Pentagon as reported on September 11, 2001?" This DVD
also Includes presentation by Calum Douglas in Ipswich, United

Please scroll to bottom at
for your personal copy.

Your support helps us to bring this type of in depth analysis to you.
We thank you.

Rob Balsamo

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