Monday, September 17, 2007

911 events

DC has been through 8 days of events. It has been a whirlwind. Two
were lobby days as taught by Col. Bob Bowman. DC911truth is making
lobby packs and will assist anyone wanting to come to DC to lobby

We cover four points. The war, rights, impeachment and lastly the
911 cover-up. We can't just go in wanting 911 dealt with. We have to
move with ease to the subject. Bob Bowman made a 3 minute
documentary of WTC7 and the BBC announcement while it was still
standing. We either show it to the reps or we leave it with them if
we think they will watch. The virginia group first went to Frank
Wolf (an old republican) and we got into his private office with two
staffers. We had a great discussion and were able to show them the 3
minute doc. It worked, they were surprised and I could tell
genuinely so. We also left them with a 4-doc dvd. I'm hoping it got
viewed. I know we had an interest. We stayed for 45 minutes which
caused us to miss the Tom Davis meeting. We probably could have
stayed longer but we didn't want saturation.

We then went to Jim Moran's office (he voted against war) and were
able to bring up 911 cover up and leave the dvd. As we left I looked
back and saw his two staffers go into a huddle and the younger one
looked frightened. They know what we are asking for and they know we
are not going away.

The Maryland contingency also got the dvd seen.

We then took Bob Bowman to see our Virginia Senators (Warner and
Webb). We met with staffers in one room together. That was tougher
but they were taken back with Bob Bowman. They too know we are not
going away and we did leave the short doc with Webb's staffer.

The plan is to get into more congressional offices and bring these
people to the 911 coverup. If anyone would like to come to DC
someone from DC911truth will accompany them and we will give you the
talking points to build on. Bob also got us a ride in the subway
underneath the capitol which is for insiders. You know he ran for
congress in Florida on 911 truth and got 45% of the vote.

What we learned by our training with Bob is to go for the cover-up.
Expose that to congress. They aren't ready for the hows or the
whos. Just why is it being covered up.

The lobby packet will be tightened up and ready for anyone to use.
The congressional people realized we are not nuts. We are good
citizens on a mission.

We got good FM radio time too. And now for some down time.

This looks good and I was approached about showing some 911 films
during the encampment.

so we will be
doing some outreach here. The powers really want the peace and 911
movement separated. That is changing.

p.s. yesterday I met a retired couple at the march from Carlyle PA
who wanted a documentary. They said that people there are more
interested in the truth about 911 than in the war. I was surprised
with the war college being there. The military had better wake up
because this crime is costing them the most.

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