Thursday, September 13, 2007


"Of all the programs marking the anniversary of the attacks, 9/11: FOR THE RECORD is the must-see, a sobering, heartbreaking hour." - Newsday

"A riveting review of the missteps and failures of successive administrations and intelligence and security agencies during the months and years leading up to the attacks." - Rocky Mountain News
"Must-see TV"
- Seattle Times

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Six years later, a critical question continues to haunt America's national psyche: how could the most powerful nation on earth have been so utterly unprepared to protect its homeland? On Friday, September 14, 2007 on PBS (check local listings), in "9/11: For the Record," a special one-hour analysis of the 9/11 Commission Report first broadcast in 2004, BILL MOYERS JOURNAL connects the dots of what happened that day and the warning signs leading up to it. The program highlights the agonizing close calls, missteps, and outright failures of two successive administrations and America's intelligence and security agencies in the months and years leading up to 9/11.

- Respond to an essay from program producers Andrew Meier, Sherry Jones and Bill Moyers.

- Read more from Allen Johnson of Christians for the Mountains.


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On the heels of a much-anticipated progress report in Washington, NOW travels to Iraq for "Third Time Around", an exclusive, hard look at the war through the telling eyes of U.S. soldiers on the ground, and of the families they left behind. Visit NOW online at

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