Saturday, September 01, 2007

Google Video Suppressing REICHSTAG 911 Popularity

Google Video is suppressing the gaining popularity of the documentary film REICHSTAG 911 Part I : 9/11 & The New World Order. Yesterday the thought machine in charge decided it was time to reset the number of views for the film. I noticed a trend when I would seeing repeating number of views in the 'yesterday' column for days on end while the actual total number of views never increased at all. Then suddenly on the 1st of August Google added thousands of views for a one day viewing only to return back to the previous pattern.

Having received plenty of positive responses in the comments section there, in email, and across many 9/11 truth forums I expected the viewing counts would rise dramatically.

So I expected on September 1st to register the thousands of view counts it was suppressing through the month of August. Instead they reseted it to 0.

Interestingly enough the sequel REICHSTAG 911 Part II : The Death of Freedom in America went live sometime during the afternoon of August 30th and in 24 hours has received nearly the same amount of views without any support from any 9/11 site except for

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