Thursday, September 13, 2007

We the people Directive Number One:

We the people Directive Number One: by the power vested in us under the Constitution, God, and natural law, we hereby order the stand down of the US Federal Government.

A friend of mine once said, “If you are not paranoid in this day and age, you are just not paying attention.” This particular brand of paranoia stems from among other things, 9/11 being an inside job, and that conclusion is based on a plethora of verifiable evidence, and the conclusions based upon that evidence violate exactly no laws of logic, or science. It is just not by any means unreasonable, crazy, or insane to make such a conclusion. That is why the 911 Truth Movement now exists, and has so many academic and professionally credentialed members, such as Scholars, Pilots, Architects, Engineers, Scientist, Military Experts, and so forth.

I know of exactly no one in the Truth Movement who has dropped out, and decided the government’s story is true, not one.

Now many in the Truth Movement are watching steadfastly looking for signs of the next false flag. Since the perps botched the 9/11/2001 False Flag, and left all the evidence of it, I and many others have speculated that these perps need to do another False Flag coup in order to insulate themselves from the legal liabilities they created by doing 9/11. These people are in big trouble, but then also have big power, big money, and big bombs, which makes them dangerous to the power of 10, and then some.

Now we see there just might be a nuclear cruise missile missing, while nuclear missiles somehow got moved in a very suspicious manner, and the Air Force has stated there will be a stand down on Fri, Sept 14. The pResident (sic) has directed the rest of the government to stand down in case of an emergency, in Directive 51, where he grants himself unlimited power in an emergency which he also has the power to create. The want for escalation of the wars in the middle east are unquestionable based upon the rumblings of rhetoric coming from DC, and the MSM. Top all this off with the need to complete the overthrow of the US government by the perps of 9/11 to avoid legal liabilities, and the stage seems set for a drama of unprecedented consequence. When you fit the pieces of this puzzle together it makes a ghastly picture that is startling to look at.

I have advocated the arrest of the perps of 9/11 for exactly these reasons, and I am not alone in this advocation, although it is unfortunate, I am not joined by enough people with the right stuff to get it done. We would need a General Smedley Butler sort of guy to stop this madness in its tracks, but I suspect even Smedley would have trouble with this situation. SOS, mayday mayday, dire distress, battle stations, defcon, emergency!

For six years now I, and many others, have tried to do something about this 9/11 situation, and lord knows we have been able to get the word out, but so far that is not enough. They did it, we know it, now what do we do? Pray like everything depends on God, work like everything depends on us. Pray for inspiration, not intervention? Now it is up to us.

We the people Directive Number One: by the power vested in us under the Constitution, God, and natural law, we hereby order the stand down of the US Federal Government.

One of we the People,
Alfons v911t

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