Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fwd: From toss the kitty free mp3

From toss the kitty free mp3 http://tossthekitty.com/main.htm

911 was inside job <http://tossthekitty.com/911WasAnInsideJob.mp3>
world trade center seven came falling down it's clearly controlled
they packed it with thermite and called a count-down go google this so
called fiction

people need to wake up fast and stop this mad oppression
they'll bring in the draft and then you won't laugh they'll drive you to

Why did all three come crashing down .... without any reason
is all of this just some damned crack-down ... we that treason
http://tossthekitty.com/main.htm <http://tossthekitty.com/main.htm>

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