Monday, November 26, 2007

48 States Sued To Force Paper Ballots

48 States Sued To Force Paper Ballots - Only 2 States Remain 2 B Served &
Confirmed - NCEL - National Clean Elections Lawsuit

Not a single corporate media article, yet some people are concerned about ABC's
scam 'patriotism' 'look'. No corporate media even mentioning the fact that all
elections may have to go to a paper ballot under the public's view and not a
peep of notice to the public. fox, abc, allc, etc, its all the same controlled
by a board of 5 czars that decide that only scam propaganda is promoted. Wake
Up People!

Are you doing ALL you can do for Clean Elections? Don't miss any exposure
opportunity. Help Yourself. Help the lawsuit. Help Bob. Help We The People.
Help a Constitutional government. Support the National Clean Elections Lawsuit
by purchasing advertisement material. 10 bucks for 10 Live Free or Die! bumper
stickers. Is there one on your car? Is there a Ron Paul sticker on your car?
Is there a Ron Paul yard sign in your yard? Is there a NCEL sticker on your
car? Is there an NCEL sign in your yard? Hopefully, NCEL materials will soon
be online -

Join the Ron Paul Tea Party on December 16, 2007. More than 20,000 have pledged
$100 already.

NCEL information -

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