Monday, November 12, 2007

Must watch Video - Leuren Moret

This is a amazing talk by Leuren Moret at the 2007 Vancouver 911 Truth

She covers topics such as Hawaii getting caught using DU (with the
news reel)
- The Queen owns most of the Uranium Mines, and uses the Rothchilds
to manage it, and the Rockefellers to help peddle it.
- It affects people for the next 4 Billion Years (DU)
- That scientists were secretly cutting the legs off of dead babies in
hospitals in order to conduct Strontium 90 level testings...
- There is a secret meeting under the polar ice cap every year
between the Russians and the Americans (submarines meeting) deciding
what they are going to do for the next year., and quotes Al Gore as
stating "I am the only Vice President who has ever been under the ice
cap in a submarine..."
- Quote Finland Scientist "No there is no outbreak here- but we are
going to vaccinate these people and in 12 years they will all be

Unreal Stuff...

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