Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fwd: Japanese Prime Minister Questioned about 9/11 videos !! ENGLISH SUBTITLES !!

Dear Fellow Patriots,

This is a link to the Videos of the Prime Minister of Japan(Fukuda)
being questioned about the evidence of 9/11, by Yukihisa Fujita,
Councillor of the Democratic Party of Japan, on January 11th 2008 on
NHK, National Broadcast Television(Japans equivalent of ABC). The
videos are finally english subtitled. PLEASE up load them to your
site in PLAIN VIEW. We need to go HYPER-VIRAL with this info ASAP!
Pilotsfor911truth.org have put them up on theirs. We need to act on
this NOW!!! This is our moment. Canada, Brazil ,Portugal and others
are going to follow suit in the coming days, Publicly questioning
their leaders as well. This is the equivalent of JOE Biden going to
the house floor with this evidence. ITS HUGE!!


Make sure to Download them from the page so that they do not get
removed and you have them stored. Copy all the text as well and store
it. Send them to everyone you know who has a website and tell them to
upload them and email them to everyone you possibly can!!!! Try to
make it very visible on your main pages people. I have sent this out
to over 100 Websites so far! as of 7:00am Jan 15th...up all night
just searching for more truth sites to bombard. Getting tired but
pressing on!

God Bless Yukihisa Fujita the brave and noble member of the
Democratic Party of Japan that is the presenter of these facts to
Prime Minister Fukuda.

Sincerely, David Williams KEYWORD IS VIRAL!!!!!

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