Sunday, February 03, 2008

Debunking by David Griffin

This week on Bill Moyers Journal, Bill reported on the answers by the
democratic candidates about what book, other than the Bible, they
would take to the White House.
And now Bill wants to know what book we would take. We can post
responses on his blog. And he will report the answers next week
on his show.
To make a greater impact, one that they theoretically cannot ignore,
let's PLEASE all choose the same book to give it an extremely high
I'm just going to pick one, because it's not the specific book that
(in this scenario), it's that we all choose the same one! (and that
is about
9/11 Truth, and have "9/11" in the title)
So let's use: "Debunking 9/11 Debunking" by David Ray Griffin
If you add additional comments, please make them short and on a
separate line after a blank line after the above title of the book.
Here is the link to his blog post response: (just scroll down to the
bottom of the page.)
Please just go there and post your response and hopefully it
will be mentioned next week on his show. (and tell your friends!)
This will make a great impact to many people who are probably
unaware of and uninformed about 9/11 Truth and Justice.
And who knows — maybe Bill will invite David onto his show.

- and read the book by David Ray Griffin :)

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