Monday, March 03, 2008

Senator Bob Kerrey to announce a permamanent 9/11 Commission for ongoing investigations

Air America Radio's, Richard Greene announces congressional action to hold a permamanent 9/11 Commission for on going investigations into theevents of 9/11. Senator Bob Kerrey - who has ties to Air America, recently revealed his upcoming action to Air America Radio Host, Richard Greene who's show"CLOUT" is part of the station's daily lineup. Sen. Kerrey will appear on an upcoming airing of CLOUT to go public with this announcement
for a call for a permanent investigation of 9/11.

VIDEO of Richard Greene's announcement

New Ownership of Air America RadioPendulum Media Buys Air America Radio
NEW YORK -- February 21, 2008: Vermont businessman and former state government official Charlie Kireker is becoming Chair of the board of Air America Radio as his newly formed Pendulum Media agrees to purchase a controlling interest in the liberal talk network from Green Family Media. Kireker takes over from Stephen Green, who will remain on the Air America board. Green Family Media completed its purchase of Air America from Piquant LLC in March 2007, six months after the network filed for bankruptcy under previous owner Piquant LLC. Air America President Mark Green and COO Scott Elberg will remain in place under the new ownership, and Philippe Collin has joined the company as SVP/GM of Interactive Media. "I'm thrilled to become the Chair of one of the new, leading journalistic voices in America," Kireker said. "The investors in our group have great confidence in the future growth of Air America's audience and media reach." Kireker said Green has "been instrumental in the effort to save and stabilize Air America" and continued, "Now in its fourth year of existence, Air America has consolidated its operations and is ready to pursue an expansion strategy and profitable growth in and after this pivotal election year." Kireker is the co-founder and former Managing Director of Vermont venture capital fund FreshTracks Capital. He headed the Massachusetts Industrial Finance Agency in the 1980s and spent 10 years on the Council of Economic Advisors for then-Vermont Governor Howard Dean.

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