Monday, April 14, 2008

European Activists/Parliamentarians Show Courage on the issue of 9/11 Truth

European Activists/Parliamentarians Show Courage on the issue of 9/11
Truth, and Opposition to Totalitarian Power Grab in the EU

I just got a joyous email from a 9/11 Truth activist in Belgium who
wrote about the upcoming-

Film showing with ATTAC on April 17th- 9/11 Zero with Mr Chiessa in

First time in 7 years globally that another kind of social movement
dares touch the subject of 9/11. This is unprecedented. ATTAC is one
of the major groups organizing against the World Economic Forum and
corporate globalization.

Also, a very damning video entitled- Chicken Run in the EU Parliament

which basically looks at the crushing of the voices of dissent in a
power grab taking place in the EU. There is popular opposition to the
EU Police State that is under construction (much like the quiet
machinations to form the NAU without pesky interference by citizens
who would oppose the overriding of their national constitutions in
favor of a supranational military state devoted to serving
elite/corporate interests.)

There are additional videos posted at-

And Nigel Farage from UK on 20/2//08...

One reaction: "We are sleepwalking into a nightmare EU police State
that is well on the way to become a dictatorship."
Please volunteer: Join,, Please come to
Ireland to help us Vote No! on June 12.

We are the only ones to have a referendum.
The future of ½ billion people in the EU rests in the Irish peoples
hands. We can defeat this but we need help. Thank you.


We are planning actions on 11th of the month in Brussel.

While the corporate media isn't covering this, the internet remains
one of our best organizing tools and means to communicate between
citizens worldwide on the criminal behavior of governments that are
exceeding their authority and working on behalf of elite interests to
the detriment of the countries that they are supposed to be serving.

In the US one of our battles is over the Future of the Internet.

The FCC will be holding hearings at Stanford University from noon to
7 pm on April 17th at Dinkelspiel Auditorium. Details posted at Our local politician is
working closely with the NSA to counter the - Cyber-Terrorist threat
(the free flow of information/the truth). We need to keep the
channels of information open and work to prevent the surveillance and
shutdowns of political activists on the internet, in defense of human
rights everywhere.

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