Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fwd: Stop him before he kills again

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Stop him before he kills again
Professor Morialekafa, retired UCLA Anthropologist, offers wise
insight in to GWB43 and his insane "SURGE" plan

Stop him before he kills again
What is this all about? Bush is reportedly going to send more troops
to Iraq for a "surge," "bump," or "escalation," depending upon who
you talk to and when. He is going to do this in spite of the fact
that only 11% of Americans are in favor of doing this, virtually all
of the Generals are not in favor (he is removing the ones that don't
cooperate), the Democratic majorities are opposed, as are many
Republicans. So what is he up to? Even though I have been convinced
for years that he is marginally retarded, he must be aware that what
he is doing is insane. Or is it? I think he is actually maneuvering
himself into a situation in which whatever happens he (at least in
some sense) "wins." Think about it. If Democrats or others oppose
sending or funding this so-called "surge" he will be able to blame
them when the miserable Iraq failure becomes too obvious to cover up.
On the other hand, if he gets the troops, he can prolong the "war"
until the next election at which time he
can just dump the failure onto someone else's watch. Clever, no?
This is more likely Rove or Cheney's idea than Bush's but he is,
after all, the front man for this political con game. And make no
mistake about it, this isn't about "war," it's about politics.
Bush/Cheney and the neocons are using our troops for their own
political ends.

I was wondering why Negroponte, who has arguably one of the most
important posts in the Administration (head of all intelligence
units) would resign to become an Assistant Secretary of State under
Condi Rice. This made no sense to me. Stephen Pizzo, in an article
entitled "White House Chess," (in Smirking Chimp), has come up with a
speculation that makes perfect sense even if it may prove to be
pretty unbelievable. Pizzo argues that the only reason Negroponte
would agree to this is because he wants to become Secretary of State.
The scenario goes as follows: Cheney will resign for reasons of
health, Bush will appoint Condi as Vice President. Negroponte will
become Secretary of State. Pizzo offers perfectly good reasons why
this might happen that I do not wish to review here. I urge you to
read his article. Remember, this is only speculation. But it is well
worth watching.

Keith Olberman made an impassioned comment about Bush's idea
of "sacrifice." If you didn't see it, or haven't yet seen it, you can
find a video of it on Truthout. It is powerful and well worth

Bush is supposed to announce next week what his plan is for "moving
forward" (more accurately described as "staying the course") in Iraq.
With virtually the entire world opposed to sending in more troops
will he actually do it? And if he does what does that tell us about
his opinion of anyone but himself? There is a deep psychological
problem here such that reason, common sense, empathy, and even basic
human values have no place. Bush, I believe, is not only marginally
retarded but a genuine sociopath. Can no one or anything stop him
before he kills again?

Dennis Kucinich is absolutely right. Cut off any funding for this
phony "war" other than those funds needed to bring our troops home
safely. Is anyone listening? Perhaps the Pelosi/Reid letter is just
the first "shot across the bow." I sincerely hope so.

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