Thursday, February 22, 2007


To: Senator Barbara Boxer, Feb. 18, 2007

Also: Jason J Chan,

1700 Montgomery Street, Suite 240

San Francisco, Ca.94111

Regarding your letter of February 5, 2007, thank you. You state
that you will submit a formal inquiry to the U.S. Department of
Labor (DOL) and that this may take up to 4-5 weeks. In that case
I have taken the liberty to put together this binder as to hopefully
speed up the process or maybe just so you have it to review.

In this binder I can show the Jeff Ursino was not fair and equal
to all the employees and although others violated policy I am
the only one he fired. Citibank did not follow their own policy
much less that of the Ca. Labor laws and codes.

I don’t believe that Citibank has been honest
with their clients as well as the DFEH and DOL.

Citibank did not submit a new statement regarding 11/15/05 to
the DFEH and seem to stand behind their “ bad
Information”. I worked the day they state I
called in and supposedly stated that I would be out the rest of
the week, not true. What else is branch 915, Jeff Ursino, Kathleen
Munoz and their corporate attorneys in New York willing to lie

Please help us get to the truth about why Jeff really fired me.
Why does Citibank stand behind Jeff and his lies and much more?
The teller that left about $10,000.00 out is still working their
and to my knowledge was not written up and yet this was worse
for the bank than me just wanting to care for my daughter and
having my doctor call in for me.

Jeff made error after error with the write ups and the firing
procedure of Citibank. Why did Jeff Ursino and Citibank feel I
wasn’t worthy of an exit interview? Why was
I fired at home and not at my place of work? Why was I not given
a verbal or informal warning as is Citibank policy?

Please go through or have someone review my notes and proof of
their dishonesty. Please help us and all those wrongfully terminated
by corporate America.. It is time for Corporate America ethics
Reform. Senator Boxer if I had been a bad employee I would have
just walked away but I wasn’t. I have letters
from clients that truly appreciated me and my work and even Citibank
has acknowledge that I was great for the Carmel branch, so why
fire me and throw me out like yesterdays trash? Because Jeff Ursino
just didn’t like me and was out to fire me from
the moment he threaten me with job abandonment before I had ever
missed a Saturday. Why? As I told Dr. Lowell and all the other
doctors I have seen, “this just doesn’t
make sense!” I have spent the past 14 months
fighting for my rights, please help me and my family, we need
more moms like me that want to be their for their children and
teenagers are children.

I look forward to hearing from you, thank you so very much for
writing back or at least someone from your office, thanks Jason
J. Chan.


Damari Stratford

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