Wednesday, February 28, 2007

[Fwd: U.S. won't extradite CIA agents to Italy]

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28 February 2007
U.S. won't extradite CIA agents to Italy 28 Feb 2007 The United States will reject any request by Italy to extradite CIA agents for the first criminal trial over controversial U.S. "renditions" [kidnappings] of terror suspects, a U.S. government lawyer said on Wednesday. A Milan judge earlier this month ordered 26 Americans, most of them thought to be CIA agents, to stand trial with Italian spies for kidnapping a Muslim cleric and flying him to Egypt, where he says he was tortured.

U.S. Warns Against EU's CIA Flight Probe 28 Feb 2007 A senior U.S. administration official on Wednesday warned that ongoing inquiries into secret CIA activities in the European Union may undermine intelligence cooperation between the United States and European nations. The European Parliament accused Britain, Poland, Italy and other nations in mid-February of colluding with the CIA to transport terror suspects to clandestine prisons in third countries.

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