Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fwd: BBC Responds to WTC7 Claims

They're steppin' and fetchin' to cover their asses, lol!


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< Previous Main Part of the conspiracy?Richard Porter 27 Feb 07,
05:12 PM

The 9/11 conspiracy theories are pretty well known by now. The BBC
addressed them earlier this month with a documentary, The Conspiracy
Files, shown within the UK.

Until now, I don't think we've been accused of being part of the
conspiracy. But now some websites are using news footage from BBC
World on September 11th 2001 to suggest we were actively
participating in some sort of attempt to manipulate the audience. As
a result, we're now getting lots of emails asking us to clarify our
position. So here goes:

1. We're not part of a conspiracy. Nobody told us what to say or do
on September 11th. We didn't get told in advance that buildings were
going to fall down. We didn't receive press releases or scripts in
advance of events happening.

2. In the chaos and confusion of the day, I'm quite sure we said
things which turned out to be untrue or inaccurate - but at the time
were based on the best information we had. We did what we always did -
sourced our reports, used qualifying words like "apparently"
or "it's reported" or "we're hearing" and constantly tried to check
and double check the information we were receiving.

3. Our reporter Jane Standley was in New York on the day of the
attacks, and like everyone who was there, has the events seared on
her mind. I've spoken to her today and unsurprisingly, she doesn't
remember minute-by-minute what she said or did - like everybody else
that day she was trying to make sense of what she was seeing; what
she was being told; and what was being told to her by colleagues in
London who were monitoring feeds and wires services.

4. We no longer have the original tapes of our 9/11 coverage (for
reasons of cock-up, not conspiracy). So if someone has got a
recording of our output, I'd love to get hold of it. We do have the
tapes for our sister channel News 24, but they don't help clear up
the issue one way or another.

5. If we reported the building had collapsed before it had done so,
it would have been an error - no more than that. As one of the
comments on You Tube says today "so the guy in the studio didn't
quite know what was going on? Woah, that totally proves
conspiracy... "

Richard Porter is head of news, BBC World

The comments are great, too. Check the link.

--- End forwarded message ---

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