Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Alfons is back from Chandler, AZ. 9/11 Accountability Conference

It was a good trip, the travel went really well. I had a friend whotook me to the airport in Toledo, and as synchronicity would have it,I had a friend that lives in Chandler, AZ who picked me up at thePhoenix airport. Matt Naus, and Sam Lwin had dropped shippedmerchandise to my friend in Chandler, and that arrived in time, and Iwas able to sell v911t bumper stickers, and Sam's DVDs at theConference, oh and some patches that another v911t member made,people really liked those patches. The v911t booth was set up "self serve" on the "honor system" with ajar that sat there open so people could make their own change. I wasrarely there manning the booth, I opted instead to listen topresentations, and networking By my accounting no one ever tookanything, money or merchandise. I would just stop by now and then topick up the large bills. I just figured 9/11 Truthers would be ashonest as anyone could be, my trust was thankfully not misplaced.

§ I was able to see and talk with many of my 9/11 TruthFriends, I would list them but there are just so many. The Truthersare from all over the country, even the world, and from probablyeverywhere on the political spectrum possible. Amazing that such adiverse bunch of people would put their differences aside for onegrand purpose, the Truth of 9/11, and on an even grander scale theTruth about the US government. With such unexpected phenomenon likethis taking place right in front of my eyes, my hope for the futurehas turned from optimistic to a dead nuts synch. We the people of theTruth Movements (there are millions of us) are going to causechanges, and I would say that these Truth movements will havepositive repercussions of unimaginable magnitude. See it in youmind's eye, and believe it in your heart, the first step to making ithappen is to imagine it happening.
§ I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.Imagination encircles the world. Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)
(That quote should have been in my talk, maybe next time)

My speech went ok, in spite of several distractions, and technical difficulties, and human error. In the presentation, I emphasized thepower of intent, and the way that power multiplies as more and morepeople see it and believe it. I told some stories about the waysoldiers, and vets have been abused by the USA government, the storyof the Bonus Army is an interesting one. I advocated the arrest ofthe criminals in the USA government by veterans and active dutymilitary, we took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend theConstitution of the United States of America against all enemies,foreign and domestic, we are not just empowered to do this, we areobligated to. Ironic that the day after my mention of this there arereports of an attempted arrest of Cheney. I wonder if they heard myspeech?
There were 2 other veterans on the panel Dennis Kyne (v911t member)and Darrell Anderson, their stories were compelling, and tragic.During the Q and A they gave some great answers. All and all it was agood presentation, the crowed loved it.
You can listen and watch the conference here http://www.citizensadvocate.net/ The sound quality is not that good,I may be able to find a better version.
That's enough for now.
Alfons v911t

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