Friday, March 23, 2007

Protest 911 on April 15th: Great Idea

All like minded individuals,

No matter what your cause, I think that all of us can agree that we want our voices heard. It is time to get creative! I propose the following and encourage all of you to post this on your websites and spread the word. With mass participation We the People can send a message that cannot be denied or ignored.

Here is what I propose....

1) Start saving all of your junk mail (credit card applications, insurance applications, mass flyers etc.)

2) Write or stamp "Return to Sender" on all the envelopes. Write a message somewhere on the junk mail like "911 was an inside job" or "I demand a new 911 investigation" etc.

3) On April 15th, mail ALL of the junk mail back to the senders.

Since most people wait till the last minute to send out their taxes, the post offices will be flooded. If you feel so inclined, you could get 'Return to Sender' envelopes from the post office prior to April 15th and stuff the envelopes with something heavy (bricks, rocks...lead). The sender will then have to pay for the weight of the package. This will also send a message to the corporations.

So I urge you, PLEASE be a part of this and spread the word. Regardless of your cause, WE need to be heard!



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