Sunday, April 29, 2007

Milwaukee, WI 9/11 Truth Event A Great Success

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
I'm a few days late here in reporting this but anyways here's a
short report on our Milwaukee 9/11 Truth Event "We The People's Moral
Response To 9/11 Truth. We had approximately 100 or more in
attendance and each speaker did a superb job in their presentations.
We gave hundreds of DVD's away and there was an assortment of them. A
very generous contributer set out on each table orginal copies of the
DVD Freedom to Fascism. We also gave out a lot of literature on 9/11
and Kevin Barrett was selling his new
We plastered the walls with signs and the v911t distress flag was up
along with the US Flag Code definition. Check out the 'Photos
Section' under Milwaukee 9/11 Truth Event for the pics. We had a rude
shouter in the crowd who couldn't wait until the question and answer
period so he had to go. Otherwise the event went off really well.

We got a great list of names with contact information to help us
stay connected. We were hoping for more religious clergy, firemen and
policemen to be there since we sent out over 1,200 letters by mail
but we only had a few in attendance. The people in attendance gave a
lot of positive feedback as they left. They were also very generous
to our donation jug. Take Care Matt