Tuesday, May 15, 2007

14.6 Billion dollars in Iraqi oil missing - US government just can't figure it out

- Subject: 14.6 Billion dollars in Iraqi oil missing - US government just can't figure it out
From: "Mark Serati"

Check out the New York Times article:


I get about forty stories sent to me every day from the major newspapers and individuals around the country forwarding important information. This one has to get some attention. I just thought you might like to know how the scam works. With gas prices so high, I wonder why the cable media is focused on Paris Hilton instead of over 14 billion dollars in missing oil. Many Americans said we went to war for oil. The Iraqis have continually accused the US of stealing their oil. Now our own government states oil has been stolen and not accounted for since taking over Iraq and they just can't figure out who's stealing it. Huh?

Haliburton is in charge of everything from the fields through the pipeline to the refinery in Basra, and shoots any Iraqis that come near any of it. If you haven't heard, our major US defense contractor, Haliburton, is moving their headquarters to Dubai, U.A.E. (listed as a terrorist state in the 9-11 commision report) before the subpenoas come their way and they are charged with everything from war crimes to Treason.

I've known this for some time, but let me spell it out for those who don't understand macroecomomics. Haliburton has been undercounting the oil at Basra since taking over. The decreased production counts raise the world oil prices for crude (less recorded supply). So the oil companies not only get "free" oil, they also get higher prices for the oil they do claim, even US oil. The stolen crude is processed through the refineries and Exxon Mobil and others are playing games with the books. The additional undisclosed processing counts are made up by tacking the costs of the undisclosed production to the production that is counted. That's why the cost of gasoline is always blamed on the refineries. Before it was blamed as higher margins, now they are claiming shutdown, refit, and maintenance time and that the refineries are at capacity. Of course the refineries are at capacity, processing stolen oil not on the books. If demand was exceeding capacity of the refineries as
the government claims, the excess crude build up would cause crude oil prices to drop, and gas stations would be running out of gasoline. Neither is happening. Between the stolen oil, obvious artifical decrease in production and price rigging by the oil companies, it's amazing our crooked Attorney Generals sleep at night.


Mark Serati

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