Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Truth About Oil and Iraq


The Truth About Oil and Iraq: Watch Dennis on C-Span this
morning around 11am EST

Dear Friends,

Please watch C-Span this morning, Wednesday, May 23 at
approximately 11 am EST.

I will invoke a rarely used House rule of personal privilege to
gain one hour of time in Congress for the purpose of discussing in
detail the Congressional and White House efforts to privatize the oil
of Iraq.

Oil was the primary reason for the invasion of Iraq. There
were, of course, no weapons of mass destruction, no connection
between Iraq and 911, no connection between Iraq and Al Queda's role
in 911. Despite that the Bush-Cheney Administration, with the
approval of a Democratic-controlled Senate and the Democratic leader
of the House, supported and commenced a brutal campaign of shock and
awe, of bombing, invasion and then occupation of Iraq.

Iraq may have as much as 300 billion barrels of oil untapped.
With oil headed toward $70 a barrel, the oil wealth of Iraq could be
worth as much as $21 trillion. Nearly 3,400 sons and daughters of
America have been sacrificed. As many as 1,000,000 innocent Iraqi
civilians have been killed in the course of the US occupation. The
taxpayers of the United States will pay between one and two trillion
dollars for this war, which is based on lies.

Throughout this entire murderous enterprise, I have
consistently challenged the war, challenged our right to be in Iraq,
and challenged my own party about its commitment to peace. Many of
the Democratic candidates for President say they are for peace but
keep voting to fund the war in Iraq. They say they are for peace, but
they vote for legislation which will privatize the oil of Iraq, thus
insuring that there will be no peace. Why? Because the privatization
of Iraqi oil will be rightly seen as one of the greatest acts of
thievery of one nation against another.



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