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A Letter from Michael Cook

Alfons interviews Michael Cook: Michael Cook accused George Bush of being complicit in the 9/11 attacks, he is now being incarcerated for psychological evaluation by the federal government. Michael Cook.mp3 --- Read More - Mike calls from County Jail on Thursday 02/08/2007, day 4 in jail without trial MikeCook02082007.mp3 Mike doesn't know where he is going, when he will get there, or how long he will have to stay.

Michael Cook 5/5/’07
11288032 Unit 2G
FMC (Free Mike Cook!)
Box 1600
Butner, N.C. 27509

I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy and working
your tail off for 9/11 Truth!
Sorry for not writing sooner. I confess, it’s not real easy to keep a good
attitude in here all the time. I got into a funk for a spell and attempts @ letters
weren’t coming out very well. I read some books by the Dalai Lama, prayed
and meditated and simply endured and I’m feeling much better now.
Actually, this entire experience, especially this incarceration has been an
amazing exercise for many valuable traits like patience, humility, tolerance,
compassion, forgiveness, etc. I thought that I had experienced the maximum
situation teaching kids with serious emotional/behavioral disorders (EBD),
and in many ways that was more intense than this. But I could go home at
the end of day. Living with grown ups with EBD 24/7 is not nearly as much
fun as dealing with EBD Kids for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. And I’m not
getting paid etc. What a Crock.
But according to the Dalai Lama, “ is also very helpful to think of
adversity not so much as a threat to our peace of mind but rather as the very
means by which patience is attained. From this perspective, we see that those
who would harm us are, in a sense, teachers of patience. Such people teach us
what we could never learn merely from hearing someone speak, be they ever
so wise or holy... From adversity we can, however, learn, the value of patient
forbearance. Those who would harm us give us unparalleled opportunities to
practice disciplined behavior.” Very, very nice. My assessment is simply that
I have far too many teachers and not nearly enough learners of patient fore-
bearance and disciplined behavior at the present time.
I wish I could say that I’ve been getting lots of mail, but that’s not the truth.
If folks are writing, it’s not getting to me. There was a steady stream when I
first got here and I figured it would pick up after my 1st letter got out there.
Maybe it has, but it’s just not reaching me. It could be getting “return to sender”ed
or it could be accumulating somewhere. (if I’m feeling down, I imagine large
garbage bags full of mail with my name and number on it sitting in the Warden’s
office cuz they’ve got nowhere else to put it in the mail room. That’s good for
a grin- True or not.) If it’s just going in the round file I think that could be
Another lawsuit. If Ya’ll are too busy spreading the Truth, no worries- I’m
FINE (Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional). But if you can spare a
minute and a stamp, drop me a note. Thanks! (If you really have some time on
your hands and wanta have some fun, document your mailing of the letter or
card somehow. :) ) I’ve been told by a cool Correctional Officer- Yes, they
do exist- that they can legally keep the mail from reaching me. They have to
call it “Institutional Security”. Reminds me of my days at Outward Bound and
NOLS. If we instructors wanted to get something done, we often had to call it
a “safety issue”, but of course we would never have wanted to do something
nasty like keep somebody’s mail from them.
A little bit has gotten through, or been sent, so I know that my situation and
letter are getting around...That’s WAY cool, and Thanks for letting me know!
If Lawyers are writing, wanting to help me out, and I don’t know it, I’m gonna
be One Pissed Off MO FO! (like I ain’t already). So, Please- if that is the case-
send it Certified, or marked “Legal Mail” quite clearly. Thanks!
I’ve been hoping to write a much shorter letter this time, but that’s not looking
likely. Way too much to remark on and report and I just spent 2 pages (hand
written, GOD BLESS YOU, Sandy Rose for typing for me!!!!) saying hello
and talkin bout mail. I’ll do my best to be brief and entertaining.
Heard a sound bite from the Democratic Party Radio Address today and I’d like to
alter it just slightly.... “we know how strongly the president feels that he is right.
But if he would just look at the facts at ground (zero) he would have to come
to the same conclusion that most of the American people have, that (9/11 was
an Inside Job.” Someday....Someday....
I heard that Loose Change was pushed back from April to June and now
maybe September. I’m bummed, but I reckon that they wanta get it right and I
hope that they do. It seems logical that having it in theaters could be helpful If
I ever get a trial, but what do I know, I’m crazy.
I got a couple of good laughs out of nurses in the past 6 weeks or so. The
imaginary Leprechauns were replaced by imaginary Easter Bunnies and there
were baskets of eggs around and even a bunch hanging from the ceiling in the
nurse’s station- very festive. I told ‘em that they needed to work a lot harder at
hiding them because I’d find those in no time at all.
Another opportunity occurred when I was called down to the Clinic. I had no
idea what was going on: I was just ordered to report. So I went down there and
I was standing in line with all these guys and I kept asking them what we were
there for but none of them were talking. One of the nurses had some pity on me
and told me that we were there to get the new RFID chips. I said, “Awesome!
does that mean that I’ll be able to communicate directly with the mother ship?”
I thought that she was going to fall off her chair. Then she told me that we were
there for the results of our HIV tests. (negative! Yea!)
I guess that I should make a quick correction to my last letter. I made an error
when I said that if I took some drugs that steel would melt at the temperature at
which jet fuel burns and All of the molten steel at the pile would be explained.
Since building 7 was not hit by a plane, the molten steel under its wreckage
would remain unexplained. I’ll ask Dr. Cochrane what I should do, but I think
he’ll probably just increase my dosage (Still no hearing - Still drug free at this
“Some days it’s just not worth chewing through the leather straps to get out
of bed.”
Happy Kentucky Derby Day! This is kinda cool, we get newspapers here
but they come a number of days late. Noone was talking about the race on the
radio, that I could find, and I couldn’t get any of the T.V. channels changed to
look for info. So I had no idea what the field looked like, what anybody was
saying about any of the horses etc. I almost didn’t even get to watch the race.
Fortunately, they called us to chow and I was able to get the channel changed
in time once everyone cleared out. I watched ‘em come out of the gate and
picked a horse with total confidence based on how he was running. Naturally,
he promptly fell to the extreme rear of the pack. I was mystified...He had that
look, that feel, I had been so sure.....What a Great Race! I think we might have
another Triple Crown Winner on our hands. “Street Sense” has got what it
takes. Yeah, he was the horse I picked.
!Happy Cinco De Mayo Tambien!
Was it Shakespeare who said, “April is the cruelest month”? 4/19 was O.K.
City, 4/20 was Columbine and now 4/16 we got Va. Tech. Jeeze! Given that
my situation involves both mental illness (false) and firearm possession (true),
I think that I should comment on this matter...
There was a Kurt Vonnegut short story that was published in a book called
Welcome to the Monkey House entitled “The Barnhouse Effect” (I think)
in which the protagonist accidentally discovers tele-kinetic or psycho-kinetic
power, the ability to cause physical things to occur by thinking about them.
Naturally, the military helps him develop his ability. These efforts culminate in
an experiment in which Dr. Barnhouse causes an unmanned aircraft and an
unmanned naval ship on opposite sides of the planet to explode simultaneously
by sheer thought power. Naturally, there is great rejoicing among the military
folks. During the celebration, Dr. Barnhouse escapes from the top secret facility
and drives away in the only remaining vehicle- all the others are on fire, cuz he
thought about it. For the next 20 years or so, Dr. Barnhouse tirelessly dedicates
himself to the eradication of All weapons. Eventually, there is nothing left but
“sharp sticks and rocks”. All of the “saber rattlers” eagerly await Dr. Barnhouse’s
eventual death (he is housed and fed and shuffled about by an underground network
of non-violent folks) but.....I’ll withhold the rest just in case you want to read the
story yourself. It’s great.
If such a thing were possible, I’d be all for it- with the possible exception of
the bow and arrow. I got interested in archery as a kid and spent countless hours
in the forest persuing “Zen and the Art of Archery.”
(Here’s an interesting tangent. It was once explained to me that the original
definition of sin is something along the lines of “missing the mark” or failure to
hit the bull’s eye. Sounds like a great definition. It was further explained to me
that there is a difference between failing to hit the target dead center due to simple
human failure, a gust of wind, etc. and failing to aim at the target in the 1st place,
etc. Interesting, but I’m trying to write a shorter letter, not a book.)
I’d be willing to wager that the victims at Va. Tech and their friends and family
would all be in favor of an eradication of hand guns at least. My most sincere and
heartfelt condolences go out to them for the appalling and horrendous tragedy. I
wish that there were an easy solution to this problem, like a “Barnhouse Effect.”
As much as I enjoy marksmanship and believe in the 2nd Amendment and self
defense, given situations like Va. Tech, noone with a few synopses firing can help
but consider the possibility of increasing the restrictions on firearms, especially
hand guns. Maybe we should all have to submit writing assignments from English
class to purchase a handgun. It seems unlikely that old Kurt Vonnegut would have
been allowed a sling shot under that condition., but I think he was alright, but I
never really knew him either. (Do you think there’s some intent in the name
“Barnhouse”? I mean, a barn is a house for animals and a house is a house for
humans and the story is kinda about how people can be inhuman- like animals...
hey, this isn’t English class. Sorry.)
Anyway, there’s a couple of problems with restricting guns further. 1st off,
there’s a heck of a lot of truth in the saying , “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws
will have guns>“ 2nd, the laws we have already aren’t well enforced. It would
make sense (to a crazy guy in the psych prison anyway) to enforce the laws we
already have before laying on new ones- oh yeah, and how about tightening up
a bit on the State/Federal stuff. Cho was called an “imminent danger” or whatever.
Jeeze! that’s sad.
Then there’s a person’s right to defend themself and the Constitution and all.
My Grandma pointed out to me that when they wrote the Constitution they were
talking about muzzle loaders. She wasn’t so sure that they would have said the same
thing if there had been uzis and whatnot back then. Of course, few of the other
males in the family wanted to hear anything about that, but I think she had a good
point. I’m not sure what the solution is, but the whole deal hardly translates at all.
People needed guns to eat back then. Additionally, the “Framers” or “Founding
Fathers” were also mostly slave owners, very human and hardly infailable. The
part of the Constitution I really wish they’d enforce is Article 1. Section 9.
Paragraph 7 (please look it up for me Sandy. Thanks!) (sandy’s note, ooops,
i haven’t done that yet. my bad!) It’s short, but I’m getting old and my memory
is failing me... it ends “from time to time.”) Secret or Black budgets” are
strictly unconstitutional. This is common sense, which is why it’s in the 1st Article.
If it’s secret, how do you know whether it’s good or evil?
(If I can’t write 2 pages without going off on an interesting tangent, does that
mean I’m crazy?)
Yeah, keeping guns out of the hands of crazy people is a good idea. Keeping
crazy people out of political positions and especially the highest offices in the land
is pretty common sense too and we haven’t done a bang up job of that either.
I grew up as a semi-country kid and started shooting real young. I started shooting
unsupervised at the same time I started using the chainsaw, driving the tractor, etc.
and firearms were presented to me as a powerful tool, like a chainsaw or tractor.
Powerful tools need to be handled carefully. A moment’s carelessness or misuse
can have tragic consequences. Used well, they can be of great benefit. Any powerful
tool can also be a weapon. (Consider the media, the power of mass communication.)
Ani Difranco says, “Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right.” I reckon so.
Anyway, I sure don’t mean to make light of the Va. Tech. tragedy at all. Looking
at all those bright young faces, so much to live for, in the prime of makes me
I’m trying to write a shorter letter, not a book. So I’ll skip the topics of allowing
people to carry guns to protect themselves, and/or arming teachers who are willing
and capable. And the deeper issues of how to prevent human development from
becoming so twisted that people like Cho are produced. It’s just a horribly sad deal
and I’m very sorry for everyone involved and I hope that SOME kind of measures
are taken- nationwide- to prevent similar tragedies. We’ve had enough school
shootings, way more than enough. As long as I’m trying to solve problems, here’s
some simple suggestions for a few we’ve been hearing a lot about lately.
1: Iran. Someone please suggest to Iran that they offer to give up nuclear
development as soon as we have a real investigation of 9/11- which needs to be
International, by the way, because the U.S. government clearly cannot be honest.
2: Iraq. We went over there to establish a democracy, right? They’ve had
elections, right? So, just circumvent the government that the U.S. has installed and
use direct democracy. Give the Iraqi people a range of choices and insure an honest
election, no electronic machines, paper trail, etc. and let the chips fall where they
may. If there’s a disaster worse than the one we’ve already created, at least it will
be of their own choosing. For example-
A) we want U.S. (sorry) “Coalition” forces out A.S.A.P.
B) we want you to stay until X,Y and Z conditions exist
C) we want you to stay for another 5 years or so.
D) we want you to stay forever, or until the oil is gone, whichever comes first. etc.
Yes, it’s just that simple. It’s their country, let them decide what to do with it.
3: Illegal Immigration. 1st, let’s return to English class for a moment. We get
the word “Radical” from the same place we get the word “Radish” from the Latin
base “Rad” meaning “root”. Therefore, the original meaning of a Radical viewpoint
is one that sees to the root or cause or origin of an issue. A Radical Solution
addresses the source, not the symptoms, of a problem. It’s kinda like giving an
antibiotic to a pneumonia patient instead of cough syrup. A Radical Solution,
under this definition, is a very good idea, not something extreme or crazy, etc.
One can often arrive at Radical and intelligent solutions by means of sucratic
questioning. Simply ask a series of simple questions- that often should be obvious
anyway- and proceed logically. (socratic questioning is a powerful teaching tool
that is good for teaching students how to think, not for telling them what to think,
and it connects background knowledge to new material and demonstrates to
a student their competence thereby building confidence, etc. etc. The misuse of
this powerful tool often occurs by simply asking only certain questions and avoiding
others or not providing or provoking alternative answers that might be quite valid, etc.)
So for illegal immigration, let’s just focus on the Mexicans, since they are the
largest component. Why do they come to the U.S.? (See- isn’t this Fun! :)
“Problem solving is hunting, it is a savage pleasure and we are born to it.”
They came here for economic opportunity because there is no economic opportunity
in their country. Why is there no economic opportunity in Mexico? We run out of
simple answers to simple questions pretty quickly in this one, although “corruption”
works pretty well as a one word answer, but you get the idea. Would you want to
leave y our home and family and travel great distances, actually risking your very
life, to travel to a foreign land where you can work menial, low wage jobs and be
treated like crap just to survive? Of course not, and neither do they. They don’t
choose to break the law. The situation is so desperate in Mexico that they have no
choice, to stay there is to starve. Solution: let’s help the Mexican people have a
revolution so that their nation becomes one they can live in. Revolution is the
Solution. Forget the fences and the Amnesty etc., and address the Source not the
symptoms of the problem and you will eliminate it, or you can continue to give
cough syrup to the pneumonia patient until you’re in the market for a casket.
(Undertakers gotta eat too, ya know.)
That’s enough solving of the world’s problems for one day. I’ll give a quick
report on prison life and get this in the mail...
It was looking like my nickname was shaping up to be “teacher”, which I
thought was pretty cool. Then, my knee-jerk teacher’s reactions kicked in when
a fight erupted, practically in my lap, and I tried to break it up. Now, I’m “Captain
Save-a ho” to my Native American buddies. (I could go on for many, many pages,
not only about all the preceeding stuff, but about this incarceration experience as
well. I’d be a lot more willing to do so if I could type.)
The rumor is that Ice Blue attacked somebody, put ‘em in the hospital, and will
be in the hole for a long time. Someone in my unit took “kill your television”
to heart and poured water inside 2 of them. It worked! I’ve been learning a lot
about chess from a VERY good player. He taught a class I was able to attend for
a number of sessions. Now I’m trying to get private lessons, cuz it’s over.
I know that this is not a typical prison, and that FAR worse places exist, but I
am continually touched and encouraged by all of the small, random acts of kindness
and such I see here every day. You have to be observant, but they are there. It’s
weird to see cop killers and child molesters and rapists, etc. be nice, but it happens.
more later. Keep the Faith, Mike.
P.S. Ya’ll know that I’m very fond of Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly
Well, there’s a couple of tidbits in there that could be useful for spreading the
truth. On page 173, there’s a nice bit about how Albert Einstein, undoubtedly one
of the best and brightest minds ever, in all of Humanity, wrote a glowing foreward
to a book that “Debunked” the new Plate Tectonic theory. The chapter is really
funny because it talks about how all of the experts of the day kept coming up with
all these harebrained explanations that tried to account for the evidence while
avoiding the simpler and more obvious conclusion that, yes, the continents move
around quite a bit and the sea floors spread, etc. That was just so preposterous,
unthinkable, that there Had to be some other explanation. Sound familiar? Well,
if Albert could be wrong because he had difficulty accepting a lot of solid evidence
that indicated something he found difficult to accept, then noone has anything to
worry about as far as feeling foolish for attempting to avoid the obvious. Einstein,
no less than Einstein himself, has blazed a trail and more mortal minds need now
hang their heads in shame. (I don’t know how much you run into stubborness
when it comes to admitting when one has been wrong, (gasp!) but in my neck of the
woods it’s extremely pronounced.)
Then, on page 423, we are introduced to a guy named James Croll of Anderson
University in Glasgow. He was ahead of his time in many ways and authored
advanced papers in hydrostatics (whatever they are) and electricity and other
subjects before publishing one that gave significant support to another theory that
struggled long and hard to be accepted. His theory on how variations in Earth’s
orbit might have precipitated the ice ages is now widely accepted but in the 1860’s
it was a most welcome buttress to those seeking to advance the idea that very large
amounts of ice had once covered very large areas of the planet. This was another
outlandish, ridiculous idea the one time. Mr. Croll’s occupation? He was a
janitor at Anderson University. He apparently took the job so he could use the
So there you have it: 2 crazy ideas, both of them factual, and 2 guys, one a
certified genius and wrong and the other a janitor and correct. Don’t cha just love
Humanity? Full of surprises, never a dull moment, simply amazing.
Smell ya later, Mike
P.P.S. I’ve also started to learn the guitar and a deaf inmate is teaching me
sign language.

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