Saturday, June 30, 2007

A good NZ 9/11 Truther Story

Hey Alfons,

Friday in NZ was an interesting day for this 911 Truther. We were headed to Auckland to see Axle Rose and his new Guns n Roses (which GNR sucked) and Skid Row (Skid Row ROCKED) when I pulled over to fill up with petro and a lady pulled in that was following us.

She liked my "911 was an inside job" bumper sticker and was asking where she can get one and for how much, so I fixed her up with a couple and some fact cards and a DVD, she was stoked to get it for free and we exchanged names and numbers. She was a Maori woman, a NZ native.

We picked up a Maori chick hitchhiking along the way and I gave her some cards and a DVD and she too was aware that the US government is perhaps the biggest sponsor of terrorism.

So we were off to Auckland and planning on meeting up with another Truther from Auckland (a pacific islander) that I sent some stickers and DVD's and fact cards to from the first package and was going to deliver a few more.

He had sent me a text message saying there was a room reserved for me at the Copthorne Hotel in the name of Tony Fitzgerald

The really cool part is that he had a connection in the hotel industry and he fixed us up with a room across the street from the arena at NO CHARGE and included free breakfast for 2. He done that because I am a 911 truther and had mailed him a truth package.

We got to meet up with him and have a beer and talk about politics, the NWO, JFK, the media, and the like. As I said he's from the Pacific Islands and knows more about the US Constitution than most americans.

I thought I would share that story with you, I figure your friend Seven would probably get a kick out of hearing that also.

Take Care, I'll be in touch.

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