Friday, October 26, 2007

Open Letter to 9/11 Truthers

I very much suspect we are running into Leninist techniques ie infiltrate and lead your opposition, to destroy them. Lenin's main tenet is about coming to power, he was able to take over entire countries with his methods, with very little use of force, and we need to study, and implement these methods because they work. Tsun Tszu says we need to know our enemy, and know ourselves we do not know either one. Our enemy is adept at framing the argument into a dialectic, these dialecticians have been at it for centuries, Bertrand Russel, the Tavistock Institute, the Fabians etc. Simply exposing the Truth is not a solution. Our enemy has been at it for decades, they have a head start. Read up on Lenin, Marx, Trotsky, I am telling you if we want to succeed you will have understand what we are up against.
If you havenot listened to this, you really need to, there are some clues here: ----

One thing you do not do is say Jew, or Zionist. That is the debate "they" want you to engage in. We need to expose the criminals, their race, religion, or ideology is not relevant really. Just because it is true does not mean you want to say it. What you are up against are people with a plan. If we don't know what that plan is we are sunk. The plan I speak of was developed by some of the smartest, most insidious, and cunning people that have ever walked the face of the earth, a formidable enemy to say the least. You had better do yourhomework.

By means of the Truth we shall wage Peace,
Alfons v911t

Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way!

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