Monday, November 12, 2007

Fwd: HR 1585 Authorizes Police-Military Integration For Martial Law


HR1585 Authorizes Plans For Martial Law
Lee Rogers

UPDATE: The version passed by the U.S. House contains the language
described below, but it looks as if the public print version of the
bill has had this language removed. The U.S. House and U.S. Senate
still need to resolve differences on the bill. Why would so many
members of the U.S. House support a bill with this language included?

HR 1585 which is the 2008 Defense Authorization Bill

gives authorization to the U.S. military to plan a future merger with
the police that will be used during a catastrophic emergency. This
bill authorizes the Department of Defense to design a plan for a
martial law apparatus. There is no question that the U.S. government
is seeking to ratchet up the militarized police state as they
anticipate massive resistance to the coming collapse of our economy
and war with Iran. This bill is yet another step in the direction for
the implementation of a militarized police state in this country.

Section 1615 of the bill describes the determination of department of
defense civil support requirements. Subsection (a) states the
following regarding the determination of requirements.


(a) Determination of Requirements - The Secretary of Defense shall
determine the military-unique capabilities needed to be provided by
the Department of Defense to support civil authorities in an incident
of national significance or a catastrophic incident.

This bill authorizes the Secretary of Defense to determine what
military capabilities will be provided to support civil authorities
during a catastrophic emergency. In other words, the Department of
Defense will be the agency drawing up plans for martial law which
will be enforced through a combination of the military and the

In addition, the Secretary of Defense is to develop a plan that will
sustain this martial law apparatus for five years as shown below in
section (b).

(b) Plan for Funding Capabilities-

(1) PLAN- The Secretary of Defense shall develop and implement a
plan, in coordination with the Secretaries of the military
departments and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, for
providing the funds and resources necessary to develop and maintain
the following:

(A) The military-unique capabilities determined under subsection (a).

(B) Any additional capabilities determined by the Secretary to be
necessary to support the use of the active components and the reserve
components of the armed forces for homeland defense missions,
domestic emergency responses, and providing military support to civil

(2) TERM OF PLAN- The plan required under paragraph (1) shall cover
at least five years.

Section 1621 of the bill describes how they intend to increase the
number of people in USNORTHCOM. Below is the appropriate subsection
in which the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will submit a
review of civilian and military positions within USNORTHCOM with the
goal of increasing the number of reservists and civilians employed by
USNORTHCOM. Clearly, they are anticipating massive civil unrest in
this country if they intend on increasing the manpower available to

(a) Manpower Review-

one year after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Chairman of
the Joint Chiefs of Staff shall submit to the Secretary of Defense a
review of the civilian and military positions, job descriptions, and
assignments within the United States Northern Command with the goal
of significantly increasing the number of members of a reserve
component assigned to, and civilians employed by, the United States
Northern Command who have experience in the planning, training, and
employment of forces for homeland defense missions, domestic
emergency response, and providing military support to civil

It gets better. Section 1622 of the bill establishes a Council of
Governors that will advise the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of
Homeland Security and the White House on how they intend to integrate
the National Guard into this martial law apparatus. The section is
shown below.


The President shall establish a bipartisan Council of Governors to
advise the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Homeland Security,
and the White House Homeland Security Council on matters related to
the National Guard and civil support missions.

The bottom line is that this bill authorizes the U.S. military to
plan the integration of the military with civil authorities so they
have a full fledged martial law apparatus to use in the event of any
sort of catastrophic national emergency. The information in this bill
lines up with what was described in the Vision 2020 document which is
a document released by USNORTHCOM which describes the goal of a
future North American martial law apparatus. It also lines up with
NSPD-51/HSPD-20 which gives the President authoritarian powers during
a catastrophic emergency. One thing is for sure, these people would
not be wasting their time putting this stuff down on paper unless
they have plans to use it.

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