Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fwd: Brasscheck TV: 9/11 Truth under attack

Brasscheck TV: 9/11 Truth under attack

The 911 Truth Movement is being
targeted for criminalization.

Earlier this month, special Brasscheck TV
correspondent Goodman Green posted a
short video about HR 1955.

In just three days over 100,000 people
downloaded and viewed it.

Now the bill is in the Senate under a new
name S 1959.

This bill makes it possible for the government
to criminalize free speech, by declaring it a
form of "terrorism."

Who does this bill target?

Congressional hearings show they're painting
a bulls eye on the 9/11 Truth Movement by likening
it to violent terrorist groups.

We can stop this and this video shows how.

Please visit this video, view it often, comment
on it, rate it and favorite it - and ask others
to do so too.

This bill and the motivations behind it can be
if enough people speak up.



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