Monday, January 21, 2008

Youtube Confronting Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold About 9/11 Truth & Oil Power

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Here's the Youtube:

I went to a listening session in Grafton, WI th... (more)
Added: January 20, 2008
I went to a listening session in Grafton, WI that Senator Russ
Feidgold holds in the counties of Wisconsin on January 20th, 2008.
Before I had my chance to speak I witnessed Senator Feingold raise
his eyebrows (body language that showed disrespect to one of his
constituents) to another speaker when he was giving his concern about
9/11 Truth and Israel citizens (agents) that were caught on 9/11/01.
The way this citizen was treated by Senator Feingold upset me so I
decided to use a harsher approach when I had a chance to voice a
concern to Senator Feingold with what I knew about 9/11 Truth. I had
visited his office in DC along with over 80 other Senate offices back
in the middle of September 2006. I gave staff members in these
offices 9/11 Truth flyers and DVD's along with my website card that
had my phone number and e-mail address on it. I never received one
response to any this information from any of these senator's offices.
Here is a video of me confronting Senator
Feingold in a harsh way about 9/11 Truth and the oil power that is
bringing this country down. Take Care Matthew Naus: Founder of Take A
Stand For 9/11 Truth and Co-Founder of Veterans For 9/11 Truth (less)

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