Friday, February 23, 2007

[Fwd: 100 Survivors and 9/11 Family Members Added to]

Rob and Members of Pilots for Truth,

A significant new section was added today to the website.

The new section features statements from more than one hundred 9/11 survivors and victim family members that question or contradict the official account of 9/11.

There are now statements from 290 people on the website.

I want it to be clear that none of these individuals are formally associated with the website. This is not an organization. The website is a reference collection of public statements.

If you know of any 9/11 survivors or victim family members who have publicly questioned the official account of 9/11 and don't appear in this new section, I'd greatly appreciate learning about them.

If you find this website useful, please forward this information to your friends and colleagues.

For the sake of the victims of 9/11, their families, the American people, and for the sake of peace in the world, please continue the important work you're doing.

Pilots for Truth member's invaluable aviation expertise is unearthing critically important information that non-aviation professionals, like myself, just can't comprehend. With all of our efforts, together we will get to the truth.

Best regards, Alan

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