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Welcome to the 9/11 Truth Community Center

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Welcome to the 9/11 Truth Community Center
This is a multi-portal gateway for groups of people who are
advocating a complete, open and honest investigation of the events
surrounding September 11, 2001. This is the "Community Center"
portal and it contains information and resources common to all 9/11
Truth Advocates.
Before you dismiss this as being nothing more than a "Conspiracy
Theory", please review this partial List of Prominent People who
challenge the 9/11 Commission findings and who champion a new, full
and impartial investigation into the events preceding, during and
since September 11, 2001.
And to get a better idea of how many world citizens are actively
working together to reveal the Truth surrounding 9/11 please review

US Directory of 9/11 Truth Communities
International Directory of 9/11 Truth Websites
In general our goal is to provide teamwork tools to help local 9/11
Advocates in the same region areas to find each other, get organized
and effective as quickly as possible.


New to the 9/11 Truth Controversy?
...then you might want to start with our Introduction to the
9/11 Truth Issue.
Then explore (or participate in building) our new introductory step
by step course on the mysteries surrounding 9/11/2001.
Start Here: 9/11 Truth for Beginners - 101
New to this site? our "Vision and Goals" - last updated

Considering starting up a 9/11 Truth group in your area? Check out
this new resource provided by via their Grassroot
Contacts organization. This guide is provided from experienced
Activists in the North East:
9/11 Truth Community Hub Manual will support the growing 9/11 Truth activist
community by providing internet support including
individual "Regional" portals for ANY 9/11 TRUTH COMMUNITY that does
not have it's own website. If you already have a website we would
like to list you on our Directory (...right) to help others in your
area find you. If your website lacks collaborative features like
Forums, File Sharing, Calendars, etc. then we will provide you with a
portal for just those purposes. Just add a link from your own site.
To start your own 9/11 Activist Portal Click Here.

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