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Monday, December 31, 2007

FAA, FBI are lying about the Black Boxes

2 say they found 9/11 'black boxes' Philadelphia Inquirer October 28, 2004
Two men who worked extensively in the wreckage of the World Trade Center claim they helped federal agents find three of the four "black boxes" from the jetliners that struck the towers on 9/11 - contradicting the official account.
Both the independent 9/11 Commission and federal authorities insist that none of the four devices - a cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and flight data recorder (FDR) from the two planes - was ever found.
But New York City Firefighter Nicholas DeMasi has written in a book self-published by Ground Zero workers that he took federal agents on an all-terrain vehicle in October 2001 and located three of the four. His account is backed by a well-known Ground Zero volunteer.
Their story raises the question of a cover-up at Ground Zero - although's it's not clear why the government would want to keep the discovery under wraps.
A footnote to this summer's 9/11 Commission Report states: "The CVRs and FDRs from American 11 and United 175" - the two planes that hit the Trade Center - "were not found."
FBI spokesman Jim Margolin and Frank Gribbon of the FDNY said this week they are certain the devices weren't recovered.
The "black boxes" - actually orange - could have provided valuable information about how the 9/11 attacks were pulled off.
The cockpit voice recorder, which captures the last 30 minutes of a doomed flight on a tape loop, would have captured the hijackers' voices and any radio transmissions. The flight data recorder records key data such as airspeed, heading and altitude.
They are built to survive an impact of 3,400 Gs and a fire of 1,100 degrees Celsius for one hour, somewhat higher than estimates of the World Trade Center blaze.
"I can't recall another domestic case in which we did not recover the recorders," Ted Lopatkiewicz, spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board, told CBS News in 2002. However, officials said little of the jets was recovered.
DeMasi, with now-defunct Engine Company 261, told his story in a 2003 book published by a group that calls itself Trauma Recovery Assistance for Children. He said he donated 4 ATVs to the cleanup and became known as "the ATV Guy."
"At one point, I was asked to take federal agents around the site to search for the black boxes from the planes...," he wrote. "We loaded up about a million dollars worth of equipment and strapped it into the ATV...
"There were a total of four black boxes. We found three."
Efforts to locate and interview DeMasi, now said to be with the FDNY's Marine Unit, were not successful.
But his account was verified by another member of the TRAC Team, recovery site volunteer Mike Bellone. He said he didn't go out with FBI agents on the ATV but observed their search.
At one point, Bellone said he observed them with a red-orange, charred device with two white stripes. Pictures on the NTSB Web site show the devices are orange with two white stripes.
"There was the one that I saw, and two others were recovered in different locations - but I wasn't there for the other two," Bellone said. He said the FBI agents left with the boxes.
Bellone has been criticized for his handling of TRAC finances and for wearing an official uniform when he's only an honorary fireman - but those allegations came after DeMasi's account.

FAA Withholds Pre-9/11 ID

FAA Withholds Pre-9/11 ID Confirming Aircraft Serial Number Data Of
9/11 Planes
Aidan Monaghan

A Freedom of Information Act request of the Federal Aviation
Administration, seeking the last known serial number data of aircraft
components contained by the aircraft used to carry out the 9/11
attacks, that are known to have been collected by the Federal Bureau
of Investigation and National Transportation Safety Board from all 3
9/11 plane crash scenes, has been denied.

Refusal to release this footnote data (that is crucial to confirming
the U.S. government's positions regarding the federal registry
identifications of the civil aircraft used during the 9/11 attacks)
was not per any established FAA information request exemptions,
normally cited by federal agencies that deny FOIA requests:

The FAA along with the FBI, have now declared that 9/11 aircraft
component serial number data that would confirm the publically known
opinions regarding the 9/11 planes, provided by the FAA, FBI and the
National Transportation Safety Board, is exempt from public

The FBI's refusal to release the serial number data contained by
aircraft components collected from the 9/11 plane crash scenes has
resulted in a civil lawsuit filed in federal court, seeking to obtain
this information:

Per U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, all federally registered civil
aircraft are to contain uniquely numbered components:

The cited 11/26/2007 FAA FOIA request specifically requested the

"That which reveals or indicates the unique identifying information
(i.e.: serial numbers, etc.), of the Flight Data Recorders (FDR's)
and Cockpit Voice Recorders (CVR's) that were last contained within
the following deregistered aircraft, used during the terrorist
attacks of September 11, 2001."

The cited 12/4/2007 FAA FOIA request specifically requested the

"Documentation that reveals any unique identifying information
(serial numbers, etc.), of the engines, landing gear or other
components that may be deemed relevant."

The federal government has released an abundance of data regarding
the planes used to carry out the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks:

- All airline flight numbers.
- All alleged FAA aircraft registry data.
- All air traffic control audio recordings between ATC and said
- Aircraft flight path study data for 3 of the 4 said flights that
- Aircraft departure times and departure locations.
- Crash times.
- Total numbers and identities of passengers who perished.
- The alleged identities of those accused of hijacking each aircraft.

However, the FBI and now the FAA, has refused to reveal aircraft
component serial number data in their possessions, that would confirm
the alleged federal registry identifications of the commercial civil
aircraft said to have been used to carry out the 9/11 attacks.

By document labeled "Remarks of Carol Carmody Vice-Chairman, National
Transportation Safety Board Leadership in Times of Crisis Seminar",
it is indicated that the director of the FBI requested that the
NTSB "help identify aircraft parts" belonging to the said aircraft.

By document labeled "Testimony of Marion C. Blakey, Chairman National
Transportation Safety Board before the Committee on Commerce, Science
and Transportation United States Senate", it is indicated that the
NTSB assisted the FBI with the process of "aircraft parts
identification" regarding the said aircraft.

A 12/16/2007 public correspondence e-mail inquiry of the NTSB posed
the following question:

"Will the NTSB refer to recovered aircraft component serial number
data, to determine the positive ID of an aircraft following a mishap,
in the absence of other identifying data?"

The following e-mail response was provided by a Susan Stevenson of
the NTSB on 12/26/2007:

"Yes. NTSB investigators rarely encounter a scenario when the
identification of an accident aircraft is not apparent. But during
those occasions, investigators will record serial numbers of major
components, and then contact the manufacturer of those components in
an attempt to determine what aircraft the component was installed

The above cited method of identification was apparently required to
obtain the positive identifications of American Airlines flight 11
and United Airlines flight 175, which crashed into the World Trade
Center towers.

By FAA documents identified as "Summary of Air Traffic Hijack
Events", pages 4 and 13, it is indicated that American Airlines
flight 11 (N334AA) and United Airlines flight 175 (N612UA) were not
transmitting proper transponder identification data at the time of
their respective destructions and that therefore, proper aircraft
identification cannot have been obtained from this absent or
erroneous data.

By documents labeled "NOTES TO CHAPTER 1", page 456, of the "Final
Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the
United States" (2004), it is indicated that "the CVRs and FDRs from
American 11 and United 175 were not found" and that therefore, proper
aircraft identification cannot have been obtained from this absent

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fwd: NANOTECH WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION ("Smartdust" (Nanochips) dumped in our air,food, water & corporate "products")
Scientists inscribe entire Bible on head of a pin
Israelis use particle beam to make what could be smallest Old

Ariel Schalit / AP
Haifa's Technion University official Ohad Zohar displays a chip
in Haifa on Sunday containing the entire Jewish Bible.
View related photos

6:44 p.m. ET, Sun., Dec. 23, 2007
JERUSALEM - Israeli scientists have inscribed the entire Hebrew text
of the Jewish Bible onto a space less than half the size of a grain
of sugar.

The nanotechnology experts at the Technion institute in Haifa say the
text measures less than 0.01 square inch surface. They chose the
Jewish Bible to highlight how vast quantities of information can be
stored in minimum amounts of space.

"It took us about an hour to etch the 300,000 words of the Bible onto
a tiny silicon surface," Ohad Zohar, the university's scientific
adviser for educational programs, told the Associated Press.

The Technion's microscopic Bible was created by blasting tiny
particles called gallium ions at an object that then rebounded,
causing an etching effect.
"When a particle beam is directed toward a point on the surface, the
gold atoms bounce off and expose the silicon layer underneath just
like a hammer and chisel," Zohar said.

Zohar said the technology will in the future be used as a way to
store vast amounts of data on bio-molecules and DNA.

The tiny Bible appears to be the world's smallest.

The previous smallest known copy of the Bible measured 1.1 x 1.3 x
0.4 inches, weighing 0.4 ounces and containing 1,514 pages, according
to Guinness World Records spokeswoman Amarilis Espinoza. The tiny
text, obtained by an Indian professor in November 2001, is believed
to have originated in Australia.

© 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may
not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
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