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Prosecutor Says Bush Appointees Interfered With Tobacco Case

By Carol D. Leonnig
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, March 22, 2007; Page A01
The leader of the Justice Department team that prosecuted a landmark lawsuit against tobacco companies said yesterday that Bush administration political appointees repeatedly ordered her to take steps that weakened the government's racketeering case.
Sharon Y. Eubanks said Bush loyalists in Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales's office began micromanaging the team's strategy in the final weeks of the 2005 trial, to the detriment of the government's claim that the industry had conspired to lie to U.S. smokers.
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Fox Bill O'Reilly Says Narrating new Loose Change movie Will Destroy Charlie Sheen's career

Fox Bully O'Reilly Says Loose Change Will Destroy Sheen
3rd grade level ad hominem hit pieces can't even pin down basic facts
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, March 23, 2007

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digg_title = 'Fox Bully O'Reilly Says Loose Change Will Destroy
Sheen'; digg_bodytext = 'Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor featured a
segment last night in which TV bully Bill O'Reilly warned Charlie
Sheen that narrating Loose Change would destroy his career, amidst a
cacophony of slurs, smears and Holocaust jibes, characterized by this
and other hit pieces that carried all the weight of a third grader's
scribbled essay paper and couldn't even pin down basic facts.';
digg_topic = 'politics';

Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor featured a
segment last night in which TV bully Bill O'Reilly warned Charlie
Sheen that narrating Loose Change would destroy his career, amidst a
cacophony of slurs, smears and Holocaust jibes, characterized by this
and other hit pieces that carried all the weight of a third grader's
scribbled essay paper and couldn't even pin down basic facts.
Fox featured three talking heads who all agreed with each other -
O'Reilly, whitewash aficionado Gerald Posner and a barely
comprehensible New York detective called Bo Dietl - this from the
network that likes to call itself "fair and

Posner, a former Al Gore devotee who drank the 9/11 kool aid and
immediately pledged his allegiance to Bush following the attacks,
opens up by throwing in the obligatory "Holocaust denial" smear.
Posner couldn't stumble over his words quickly enough to get that one
in and it's somewhat pathetic to witness his ignorance of the fact
that calling the other side of the argument Nazis isn't a credible
debating tool anymore (not that there was anyone on the other side of
the debate to rebut him).
Posner's zeal on writing books insisting that no political
conspiracies have ever happened, that Oswald acted alone, James Earl
Ray killed Martin Luther King (despite the fact he later denied it)
and 9/11 was all a result of incompetence, portray a figure who is
either on the payroll or has some morbid obsession with propping up
government propaganda that an ever-dwindling amount of people are
Polls consistently show that 90% or more believe other parties were
involved in the JFK assassination so it seems the more extreme Posner
has to go in smearing those who disagree with him as Holocaust
deniers, the more people see through his baseless bullshit.
The Holocaust card doesn't work anymore Posner, you're wasting your
Posner is quite clearly ruffled that billionaire Mark Cuban is set
to throw his weight behind Loose Change and labels it a "disgrace,"
without explaining why a position that 84% of the country and most of
the 9/11 family members now take is a disgrace.
Bo Dietl then proceeds to give us a lecture on how the WTC towers
melted and fell down like potato chips, a thoroughly scientific
analysis I think we can all agree. Dietl fails to inform us of how
jet fuel, which burns at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, melted steel which
melts at 2700 degrees Fahrenheit.
He then echoes the familiar yarn "but what about the victims." Ah
yes the victims, over half of which according to Bill Doyle, the
representative of the largest 9/11 victims group, have grave
questions about 9/11. How about those victims of a cover-up in the
very hours after 9/11 who were told that the air was safe to breathe
and are now dying en masse as a result of trusting the government?
Dietl then stumbles into an attempt to explain the collapse of
Building 7 at which point he is abruptly cut off by O'Reilly, who
parrots the emotional rhetoric about asking questions being insulting
to the victims, before cutting off Dietl again when he mentions the
first World Trade Center bombing in 1993.
"Don't confuse anybody with facts," states O'Reilly! Exactly right
Bill, because you wouldn't want anybody to find out that the FBI gave
the terrorists the bomb material to attack the towers in '93 now
would you?
Posner then returns to charge that 9/11 truthers make up facts,
without being able to cite any examples, and then backtracks to the
comfort of his Holocaust denial slur, stereotyping 9/11 truth films
as "propaganda as good as anything the Third Reich turned out."
Posner's one trick pony show and ad hominem "they're all Nazis"
nonsense is truly laughable and in fact lends our side of the
argument more credence because it exposes him as the exact thing he
accuses others of being, a propagandist, in that his hyperbole of
tossing out buzzwords like "Holocaust denial" appeals to the
emotional reactionary human psyche and not to reasoned, sober and
factual analysis.
"I just don't get the hatred for the country," O'Reilly chimes in,
which as everyone knows is yet another cheap pot shot that lost all
its persuasive impact years ago. O'Reilly thinks he can still delude
people into thinking that questioning your government equates to
hating your country.
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O'Reilly and Dietl end by warning Sheen that he's "not gonna come
back from this," insinuating that his narration of the Loose Change
final cut will end his career because O'Reilly "knows the country."
Sheen more successful and popular than ever
As usual, the exact opposite is true. The success of Sheen's sitcom
Two and a Half Men has only increased in the year since he went
public on 9/11, and every poll shows the vast majority of the country
support Sheen's viewpoint. Meanwhile, Fox News' ratings continue to
sink lower and lower because they refuse to act as anything other
than whores for the establishment.

From October 2004, following O'Reilly's phone sex scandal with
Andrea Mackris, the ratings for his show almost halved and have never
Fox News' other Neo-Con attack poodle John Gibson, who previously
took a pot shot at O'Donnell for suggesting the KSM "confession" was
unreliable, a sentiment echoed by all corners of the media besides
the Bush administration's TV mouthpiece, also took time out to
address Sheen on his "Big Story" show.
Gibson parroted O'Reilly in claiming that even the discussion of
9/11 in this context is hurtful to the victims. As a rule, whenever
someone does not have the facts on their side and cannot counter the
evidence, they are forced to resort to emotional rhetoric in an
attempt to throw a blanket over the debate.
Has there ever been a TV or newspaper hit piece on the 9/11 truth
movement that doesn't heavily lean on ad hominem insults along with
bias and misleading emotional rhetoric? You will never see it.
News Hounds summarizes, "FOX doesn't address this issue often -
they don't want to make any more people aware of the controversy -
but when they do, it is ridiculed and called "garbage." It's as if
they only bring it up when it's in the news elsewhere so they have
to, but they immediately shoot it right back down."
The smattering of hit pieces that have emerged since O'Donnell's
public stance and the new angle on the Sheen story have been notable
only for their 3rd grade level research and kindergarten name calling.

Richard Johnson of the New York Post couldn't even get Michael
Rivero's name correct, calling him Matt, despite Rivero's name being
at the very top of his website, proving Johnson didn't even check the
website he was trouncing.
Both CBS News and the Hollywood Reporter falsely reported that
Rosie O'Donnell was involved in the production of the upcoming Loose
Change movie. This is completely incorrect, O'Donnell merely used her
blog to ask some questions about 9/11 and Building 7, she has never
been involved in the project at any step of the way.
Will CBS and the Hollywood Reporter issue retractions to clean up
their atrocious journalism? Who is writing their articles, the office
boy? If you can't even get basic facts right like people's names and
which person is connected to a particular project, it betrays the
fact that these self-proclaimed reporters aren't interested in the
truth, only in conducting slapdash ad hominem attacks.
Underlining how both the fake right-wing and left-wing media are
both panicking that their monopoly is being challenged by truth
seekers sick and tired of partisan slant, the liberal blog Wonkette
also attacked Sheen yesterday.
Wonkette goes further than O'Reilly in claiming that, "Sheen will
also be getting a fat check from the CIA for further distracting
everyone from the non-hidden non-conspiratorial fact that everyone
who was in a position to have prevented 9/11 is a drooling
incompetent, and for discrediting anything anyone famous ever says
about politics for the next six months."
If everyone who could have prevented 9/11 was a drooling
incompetent then why were none of them fired and why did some receive
pay hikes?
Wonkette is just another example of the sniveling "progressive"
blogosphere that spends half of its time debating things like Mitt
Romney's haircut while uniformly failing to hold their precious
Democrat shills like Pelosi to account on impeachment and getting out
of Iraq. It's a wonder that they seem surprised by the fact that
people are looking elsewhere for truth when they are lauded as the so-
called "alternative," when in fact they're nothing more than a gaggle
of self-important peons who think they're part of the establishment.
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My National Security Letter Gag Order

My National Security Letter Gag Order
Friday, March 23, 2007; Page A17

It is the policy of The Washington Post not to publish anonymous pieces. In this case, an exception has been made because the author -- who would have preferred to be named -- is legally prohibited from disclosing his or her identity in connection with receipt of a national security letter. The Post confirmed the legitimacy of this submission by verifying it with the author's attorney and by reviewing publicly available court documents.

The Justice Department's inspector general revealed on March 9 that the FBI has been systematically abusing one of the most controversial provisions of the USA Patriot Act: the expanded power to issue "national security letters." It no doubt surprised most Americans to learn that between 2003 and 2005 the FBI issued more than 140,000 specific demands under this provision -- demands issued without a showing of probable cause or prior judicial approval -- to obtain potentially sensitive information about U.S. citizens and residents. It did not, however, come as any surprise to me.
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Live365's Response to the CRB's New Royalty Decision

Director of Broadcasting wrote: To: Subject: Live365's Response to the CRB's New Royalty Decision
From: "Director of Broadcasting"
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 16:43:39 -0800 (PST)

March 21, 2007
IMPORTANT: Visit for changes that immediately affect your broadcast. Dear Live365 Broadcasters:
Recently, the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) made an initial ruling of alarmingly high new royalty rates for Internet radio for the 2006-2010 period. The ruling increased sound recording royalties by 140% over the next 4 years and included a $500 minimum fee per station per year. The CRB is now rehearing our arguments against these unrealistic fees, but we must keep the pressure on. With around 10,000 stations the previously released rates would mean an additional $5 million per year owed by Live365 and our broadcasters. Should this decision stand, most small webcasters on Live365 would be driven out of business and listeners would lose diversity in radio programming and choice in radio content. We've created a special broadcaster webpage that has tools and information to help. This new page includes congressional addresses and contact information, sample letters, a broadcaster story submission form, details on changes we will be making to the Live365 services, and more. Please check it out at
Though the CRB is rehearing our arguments, you still must make your voice heard by the lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Call, write, e-mail, and/or visit your Representatives and Senators today! We will continue to fight for a realistic ruling and will work with our broadcasters, audiences, partners, and DiMA to appeal with the DC Court of Appeals if our motions are not granted. You, Live365 Broadcasters, are our voice. Our voice must resonate to be heard and to save Internet radio. We've weathered this storm before and will do so again! Sincerely,

Jason Stoddard
Director, Broadcasting
Live365 Inc.

950 Tower Lane 4th Floor Foster City CA 94404
Copyright © 2007

New documents show Gonzales approved firings of U.S. attorneys

Friday, March 23, 2007


POST): (212) 930-8500 Ask to speak to the "Page 6" editor Be
respectful. Don't allow them to steer you into a "conspiracy theory"
argument, but rather focus like a lazar on informing them that molten
steel was found weeks later in the rubble of WTC Towers and WTC 7.
Jet fuel doesn't burn hot enough to melt steel. Professor Steven
Jones found traces of "thermate," a patented controlled demolition
steel cutting agent. This needs to be investigated by New York
MARCH 22, 2007 -- SOME celebrities don't know when to keep their
traps shut - like Charlie Sheen and Rosie O'Donnell, who are throwing
their weight behind the twisted theory that the United States
government was behind the 9/11 terror attacks. Page Six has learned
that Sheen, the hooker-loving Hollywood hunk, has agreed to narrate a
new version of the loopy YouTube documentary "Loose Change," which
claims that a corrupt faction within the federal government
orchestrated the mass murder at the World Trade Center. Sources say
Sheen - whose father, Martin Sheen, has been arrested 63 times
protesting on behalf of various leftist causes - is in talks with
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban's Magnolia Pictures to
distribute "Loose Change." Sheen has called for a new independent
probe of the attack, telling Alex Jones' radio show: "It seems to me
19 amateurs with box cutters taking over four commercial airliners
and hitting 75 percent of their targets, that feels like a conspiracy
theory. It raises a lot of questions." Sheen's rep confirmed his
participation. Cuban e-mailed us: "We are having discussions about
distributing the existing video with Charlie's involvement as a
narrator, not in making a new feature. We are also looking for
productions with an opposing viewpoint. We like controversial
subjects, but we are agnostic to which side the controversy comes
from." Meanwhile, on her blog, O'Donnell has pasted in a widely
debunked rundown of the collapse of 7 World Trade Center from the Web site, created by conspiracy theorist Matt
Rivero. O'Donnell repeats his discredited theories, which include the
notion that because the fires were not evenly distributed, it made
the building's perfect collapse into its footprint "impossible that
landlord Larry
Silverstein told the FDNY that "the smartest thing to do is pull it,"
a phrase conspiracy theorists take to mean that he ordered the
skyscraper's destruction; and that firefighters withdrawing from the
building feared it was going to "blow up." O'Donnell's rep declined

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Chemtrails reported in the MSM

Protest 911 on April 15th: Great Idea

All like minded individuals,

No matter what your cause, I think that all of us can agree that we want our voices heard. It is time to get creative! I propose the following and encourage all of you to post this on your websites and spread the word. With mass participation We the People can send a message that cannot be denied or ignored.

Here is what I propose....

1) Start saving all of your junk mail (credit card applications, insurance applications, mass flyers etc.)

2) Write or stamp "Return to Sender" on all the envelopes. Write a message somewhere on the junk mail like "911 was an inside job" or "I demand a new 911 investigation" etc.

3) On April 15th, mail ALL of the junk mail back to the senders.

Since most people wait till the last minute to send out their taxes, the post offices will be flooded. If you feel so inclined, you could get 'Return to Sender' envelopes from the post office prior to April 15th and stuff the envelopes with something heavy (bricks, rocks...lead). The sender will then have to pay for the weight of the package. This will also send a message to the corporations.

So I urge you, PLEASE be a part of this and spread the word. Regardless of your cause, WE need to be heard!



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Fwd: FItrakis and Wasserman: Explosive new vote fraud developments continue to rock Ohio and Florida

The Free Press wrote: To: Subject: FItrakis and Wasserman: Explosive new vote fraud developments continue to rock Ohio and Florida From: "The Free Press"
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 03:37:44 -0400


The following article was just posted to the website of The Free Press ( ). Check it out today!

Explosive new vote fraud developments continue to rock Ohio and Florida by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman
March 23, 2007

Breaking news in vote fraud cases in both Ohio and Florida are feeding a firestorm of controversy that is likely to continue escalating, with major implications for the 2008 election and the future of e-voting machines.

Read more:

In peace...

The Free Press


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Century of the Self: A study in mass media mind control

Century of the Self
One: Happiness Machines (1 thru 6)
Two: The Engineering of Consent (1 thru 6)
Three: There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads: He Must BeDestroyed (1 thru 6)

Four: Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering
Not yet available
The Trap: What Happened to Our Dreams of Freedom (1 thru 7)
another link to 1-7 through

--George DeCarlo,
CHConsulting Hypnotist
908-342-1275 (cell)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dr. Wood and others challenge NIST Report



March 22, 2007

CONTACT: Dr. Judy Wood or Attorney Jerry Leaphart 203-825-6265

For Immediate Release:
Basic Facts:

A Request for Correction (RFC) submitted under the Data Quality Act
(DQA) was filed with National Institute of Standards and Technology
(NIST) on March 16, 2007

NIST acknowledged receipt of RFC in writing on March 19, 2007, via
its Acting Chief of Management and Organization Division, Stephen

RFC challenges the integrity of NIST document NCSTAR 1 (National
Construction Safety Team Advisory Committee), Report on the Collapse
of the World Trade Center Towers, issued in September 2005


A full copy of the RFC filed by DR. Wood can be viewed at

Dr. Judy Wood (with degrees in Civil Engineering, Engineering
Mechanics, and Materials Engineering Science), widely acknowledged as
the leading proponent of the theory that Directed Energy Weapons
(DEW) were used to destroy the World Trade Center (WTC) complex, has
filed a Request for Correction under the Data Quality Act with the
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), located in
Gaithersburg, MD.

Dr. Wood is represented in this effort by Attorney Jerry Leaphart, a
Connecticut-based trial lawyer, who states that NIST now has 60 days
to respond to the RFC. After that, an appeal can be taken and/or
other legal action may then follow.

Leaphart further states that Dr. Wood knows that the implications of
her theory that DEW were used to destroy the WTC complex shatter
certain key beliefs that Americans as a whole cherish and hold dear.
Her theory has generated a lot of interest and commentary within the
9/11 Truth Movement that relies primarily upon the Internet as its
media source. Mainstream print and broadcast media do not cover the
9/11 Truth Movement, but may need to take heed of this administrative
action filed by Dr. Wood, according to Attorney Leaphart.

Leaphart said that to his knowledge, only three RFCs concerning
NIST's WTC report have been filed to date. One by Dr. Morgan
Reynolds, another by Edward F. Haas and the one filed by Dr. Wood.
All three are currently pending.

The 43 page RFC filed by Wood asserts that the basic integrity of
NCSTAR 1 is lacking because, by its own admission, it did not
investigate the actual destruction of the World Trade Center Towers.

NCSTAR 1 admits:

"The focus of the investigation was on the sequence of events from
the instance of aircraft impact to the initiation of collapse for
each tower. For brevity in this report, this sequence is referred to
as the "probable collapse sequence," although it does not actually
include the structural behavior of the tower after the conditions for
collapse initiation were reached and collapse became inevitable."
[See NCSTAR 1, pgs xxxvii, footnote 2 and/or 82, footnote 13]

E.1 Genesis of this investigation

p. xxxv-xxxvi (pp. 37-38): "The specific objectives were:

1. Determine why and how WTC 1 and WTC 2 collapsed following the
initial impacts of the aircraft and why and how WTC 7 collapsed; ..."

E.2 Approach

p. xxxvii (p. 39) footnote2 "The focus of the Investigation was on
the sequence of events from the instant of aircraft impact to the
initiation of collapse for each tower. For brevity in this report,
this sequence is referred to as the probable collapse sequence,"
although it includes little analysis of the structural behavior of
the tower after the conditions for collapse initiation were reached
and collapse became inevitable.

Thus, to this day, Americans have not been given any explanation
whatsoever for the destruction of the WTC complex that comports with
information and quality standards.

In contrast, Dr. Wood's RFC contains a stunning array of visual
evidence confirming highly unusual energy effects seen by all as the
twin towers were almost instantaneously destroyed in less time than
it would take a billiard ball to hit the ground if dropped from the
height of the twin towers.

That fact is assessed on the basis of the two other laws of physics
in Wood's RFC, thus confirming its scientific rigor. Wood also points
to other compelling evidence that NIST ignored. Wood's RFC shows
visual evidence of unusual and unexplained blast effects on vehicles
parked blocks away from the complex. Wood also demonstrates
unexplained visual damage in the form of perpendicular gouges in WTC
3, and WTC 4,5,6 and the near disappearance of WTC 3, all of which
remain unexplained by NIST to this day. Wood goes further and points
out that the incredible amount of dust resulting from the visible
process of steel disintegrating before our very eyes all point to the
use of directed energy weapons. One other element of Wood's proof is
the almost complete lack of even a rubble pile at the WTC complex.
Wood asks: Where did it go?

Added to all of that is the fact that whatever the energy and heat
source was, it had no effect upon paper that was seen floating
everywhere and not burning very much, if at all.

Dr. Wood's RFC demonstrates all of the above mentioned effects in its
43 pages of text and pictorial proof. The combined effects of
gravity, jet fuel (a form of kerosene) and plane damage could not
possibly have caused the massive destruction that occurred on
September 11, 2001, in New York City, according to Dr. Wood. The
wonder of it all is that more engineers and scientists have not come
forward to challenge the woeful, scientific inadequacies of the
official explanation.

Dr. Wood invites her peers and colleagues to set aside their
emotional attachments and to view the evidence objectively. Then and
only then can America come to grips with what happened on 9/11/01,
according to Dr. Wood.

DU Dust Clouds Climate Crisis: Global Action Day of Another Sort

DU dust clouds climate crisis:
Global Action Day of Another Sort

Cathy Garger

22 March 2007

Frankly, we should not hold our breath waiting for any such
revelation of inconvenient truth. Or, as the saying goes? They'll
admit the truth about manmade Uranium oxides suspended in the
atmosphere when hell freezes over. Or, in this case, more to the
point? They'll wait to 'fess up to the aerosol poisoning of the
planet the day the Arctic finally melts.

Let's not kid ourselves. No matter how political strategists may try
to frame corporate and military agenda, expecting clean, non-
radioactive air for our kids to breathe is *not* a "liberal" value.
And with so-called "progressive" politicians doing the job for
Empire - like those who appeared on stage today, a day that was
supposed to be about fighting environmental atmospheric
contamination? Sadly, it was apparent to myself and not too many
others that the performance up on stage was not really all about the
environment at all.

Actions speak louder than words, dear members of Congress.... ..

CONTINUED: MyTown Feature:
~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

Help the US become Radiation Free by 2033!

Cathy Garger

Senate Panel Authorizes Subpoenas for White House Officials

News Updates from Citizens for Legitimate Government
22 March 2007
Breaking: Senate Panel Authorizes Subpoenas for White House Officials 22 Mar 2007 A Senate panel probing the firing of eight U.S. attorneys joined a House subcommittee in authorizing subpoenas to compel testimony by Karl Rove, President [sic] George W. Bush's top political adviser, and other White House officials.

Doomsday Plan

Hi Bob,
I found a few documents for the "Doomsday Plan", what would take place if Congress were blown up. In essence if the President declares an Emergency then we have martial law, and a Dictatorship. The US has been in a state of emergency since 1913.

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code, and in order to further respond to the national emergency I declared in Proclamation 7463 of September 14, 2001, I hereby order as follows:

Other pertinent links below:,9171,976187-6,00.html

Here is a good article on who or what shot down 93. The evidence is just not conclusive. There are reports that flight 93 landed at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. I am not sure what happened to 93, but from what I have been able to gather, there needs to be an investigation.

I am glad you enjoy the site. It is meant to keep abreast of the dire circumstance we are in.

Mineta 9/11 Commission Testimony.
How did Cheney know where the hijacked plane was going?

Alfons v911t

Griffin featured in "The Canadian"

Former CIA official supports Professor's claim that official 9/11 Islamist conspiracy theory are lies
by Paul Chen

David Ray Griffin is widely recognized as one of the leading spokespersons of the 9/11 truth movement. This is by virtue of his previous four books on the subject. Professor Griffin and a growing list of scholars, other researchers as well as diverse experts and activists, reject the official Islamist mastermind conspiracy theory about 9/11 advanced by Establishment interests.

Although the 9/11 truth movement was long ignored by the U.S. government and the mainstream media, recent polls have shown that (as Time magazine has acknowledged) the rejection of the official theory has become "a mainstream political phenomenon."
It is not surprising, therefore, that the U.S. government and the Big Business controlled media have shifted tactics. No longer ignoring the 9/11 truth movement, they have released a flurry of stories and reports aimed at debunking it.
In David Ray Griffin's new book entitled Debunking 9/11, shows that these attempts can themselves be easily debunked.
"Debunking 9/11 is a superb compendium of the strong body of evidence showing the official U.S. Government story of what happened on September 11, 2001 to be almost certainly a monstrous series of lies. Tragically, the entire course of U.S. foreign and domestic policies since that date has grown out of these almost certain falsehoods," says Bill Christison, former senior official of the CIA.
Mr. Christison further indicates that, "This single book could (and should) provide the basis for the United Nations International Court of Justice, or some specially constituted global body (independent of the U.S.) to investigate with highest priority, and publicly report its findings about, the charge that unknown elements within the U.S. Government, and possibly some individuals elsewhere closely allied to the U.S., caused or contributed to causing the events of September 11 to happen.”
Besides demonstrating the pitiful failure of "Debunking 9/11 Myths" (published by Popular Mechanics and endorsed by Senator John McCain), Professor Griffin critically challenges recent reports and stories put out by the US Department of State, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Time magazine.
Professor Griffin also responds to criticisms of these efforts by left-leaning and Christian publications -- which one might have expected to be supportive.
Throughout these critiques, Griffin shows that the charge that is regularly levelled against critics of the official theory -- that they employ irrational and unscientific methods to defend conclusions based on faith -- actually applies more fully to those who defend the official theory.
“Considering how the 9/11 tragedy has been used by the Bush administration to propel us into immoral wars again and again, I believe that David Ray Griffin's provocative questions about 9/11 deserve to be investigated and addressed,” says Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United States.
"Professor Griffin is the nemesis of the 9/11 cover-up. This new book destroys the credibility of the NIST and Popular Mechanics reports and annihilates his critics," says Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury during the Reagan administration.
“David Ray Griffin hits another one out of the park by taking on the left gatekeepers and the mass media for the lies and cover-up called ‘the official story of 9/11/01,’ which is the greatest conspiracy theory ever perpetrated on the American public. I highly recommend this book for all thinking Americans,” further indicates Meria Heller, Producer Host of the Meria Heller Show (
This book, by debunking the most prevalent attempts to refute the evidence cited by the 9/11 truth movement, shows that this movement's central claim -- that 9/11 was an inside job -- remains the only explanation that fits the facts.
Make comments about this article in The Canadian Blog.
About the Author
David Ray Griffin is professor of philosophy of religion and theology, emeritus, at Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California, where he remains a co-director of the Center for Process Studies. His 30 books include The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11 (2004), The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions (2005), 9/11 and American Empire (2006, ed. with Peter Dale Scott), and Christian Faith and the Truth behind 9/11 (2006)

FBI Confirms Contracts with AT&T, Verizon and MCI

The FBI's general counsel, Valerie Caproni, testified today on
Capitol Hill that the FBI entered into contracts with AT&T, Verizon
and MCI to harvest phone records on American citizens under a
national security letter program that has come under fire from
Congress and the Justice Department's Office of Inspector General for
circumventing privacy laws.

Caproni confirmed during a House Judiciary hearing that AT&T and
Verizon, which bought MCI in 2005, had and continue to have contracts
with the FBI that compensate phone companies for turning over the
toll records of customers connected to counterterroism
investigations. The telecoms entered into the contracts in May 2003,
according to the report issued last week by the DoJ Inspector General.

"The contract essentially pays for the man hours or the personnel
cost for the people who have to do the work," said FBI Assistant
Director John Miller in an interview with Wired News last night. "We
want dedicated people who handle our requests or do nothing else."
UPDATE: 27B looks into the FBI's use of "exigent letters" to bypass
privacy laws and request information from phone companies during
terrorism-related emergencies. In less than three years, the FBI sent
out at least 739 of these letters. Were there really that many
emergencies? We also hear back from AT&T.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Heat is on

The right wing is angry and individuals will be targeted. This is
the new tactic, to gang up on Truth.

Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 17:07:57 -0500
From: Kevin Barrett <khidria@>
Subject: Urgent--Help Wm. Rodriguez Defend Kevin Barrett!

Dear 9/11 truth supporters,

I need your help! The U.W. Campus Repugnikins just ambushed me while
I was on a lecture tour in Montana:

When my wife, a Moroccan Muslim, tried defend me, she was "booed out
of the room" by the white, middle-class, polyester-clad Steve Nass
acolytes (she insists she left in disgust).

Let's not take this lying down. I want to bring William Rodriguez to
Madison in April so U.W.-Madison students and faculty can hear from a
real survivor and a real American hero. William may be the most
dynamic speaker in the whole 9/11 truth movement, and his story is
absolutely stunning, from the moment he rescued a co-worker injured
in the massive sub-basement bomb that went off before the plane hit,
to his miraculous escape as "the last man out of the North Tower."

William never got any government hush money. He and his wife live in
a tiny apartment, and he is trying to survive doing 9/11 truth work.
(I know how hard that is.) We'll need to pay William's airfare and
offer him a generous stipend, and we may have to rent a hall, since
the U.W. is now hypersensitive about allowing its facilities to be
used by the likes of us. It would also be great if we had the funding
to properly promote the event. If you can contribute to the Muslim-
Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth's "Bring William Rodriguez
to Madison" fund, God, karma, and/or your conscience will surely
reward you for it. You can mail cash, check or money orders to MUJCA,
POB 221, Lone Rock, WI 53556 (write "William Rodriguez fund" on the
check, envelope, etc.) or use any paypal button at
(note “William Rodriguez fund”). You may also contribute to
William directly via

Bless you. Together, we shall prevail.

Kevin Barrett

William Rodriguez writes:

Dear Kevin,

I read the article about the event with the 9/11 survivor. Low shot
indeed. As a matter of fact , please find an Angel to arrange for me
to go over to UW and talk about my "experience" and clear this guys
attempt to debunk you.

Your brother.

William rodriguez

William Rodriguez

Last Survivor of the North Tower of the WTC

President of The Hispanic Victims Group

9/11 United Services Group

Family Advisory Council LMDC

Personal website:

Fwd: Kevin Barrett, Bloomberg 911 fund etc

Bloomberg To Congress: 9/11 Victims Need More Help
*WCBS-TV New York* Wed, 21 Mar 2007 8:49 AM PDT
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg asked Congress today to reopen
compensation fund for 9/11 terrorism victims, saying the city could
otherwise lose billions of dollars to lawsuits. Bloomberg says just
injuries and illnesses have been slower to emerge should not
people from getting the help they need.
Bloomberg Testifies in DC on Health Impacts of 9/11
*WNYC New York Public Radio* Wed, 21 Mar 2007 8:40 AM PDT
Mayor Bloomberg visits Washington today. Later this morning, he'll
testimony on Capitol Hill on the health impacts of 9/11. This is part
Bloomberg's ongoing effort to increase funds for th....
Bloomberg to Congress: Reopen 9/11
*AP via Yahoo! News *Wed, 21 Mar 2007 9:07 AM PDT
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg asked Congress on Wednesday to
a compensation fund to cover more Sept. 11 terrorism attack victims,
the city could otherwise lose billions of dollars to lawsuits.
House Chairman Doubts Veto on TSA
*US News & World Report* Wed, 21 Mar 2007 7:11 AM PDT
Rep. Bennie Thompson, chair of the House Homeland Security Committee,
pushing for a clause in a House 9/11 Commission bill that would offer
collective bargaining rights and whistleblower rights to the roughly
federal airport screeners with the Transportation Security

[First Amendment] The boundaries of academic freedom
*The Minnesota Daily* Wed, 21 Mar 2007 6:07 AM PDT
Former University of Wisconsin lecturer Kevin Barrett's new
book, "Truth
Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie," is due out this
The work, a culmination of Barrett's now infamous class...


POST VIDEO? - 9/11 Truth: Polite vs. Rosie O'Donnell & Christine Ebersole

Hey 9/11 Truthers,

After 6500 views, YouTube pulled my clip of Christine Ebersol calling John Connor a "non-conformist" and Rosie O'Donnell screaming "911 was an inside job!"

The old copy pops up in searches but it says: "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.", there are no other copies on YouTube, and I can't find the original anymore at
where I first downloaded it.

I couldn't send a link so I've attached a copy (froof.wmv) here, and think we can post copies without saying we agree with everything she says, after all, who agrees with anyone on everything?

Regardless of her or all of our brainwashing to varying degrees on various issues, her courage right now is being suppressed because it could inspire many of her 30 million fans to get active. They are an incredible resource vested with a guilt and a conscience, if not
necessarily direction... yet! :-)



YouTube Search:

Video results for 'ROSIE 911'


9/11 Truth: Polite vs. Rosie O'Donnell & Christine Ebersole



Christine Ebersole (b. 21 February 1953) is an American actress and singer, and Tony Award winner.

Ebersole was born in Chicago, Illinois, and graduated from MacMurray College in Jacksonville, ::: GET THE ORIGINALS AT 911PODCASTS.COM :::

Christine Ebersole (b. 21 February 1953) is an American actress and singer, and Tony Award winner.

Ebersole was born in Chicago, Illinois, and graduated from MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Illinois. After appearances on Ryan's Hope in 1977 and 1980, she got her first big role as part of the cast of
Saturday Night Live during Dick Ebersol's first full season as
executive producer (season seven; 1981-1982) where she was a Weekend Update co-anchor for Brian Doyle-Murray (sometimes switching places with fellow castmember Mary Gross), and after this starred for several seasons on One Life to Live and Valerie.

Her film roles to date have included Mac and Me (1988), My Girl 2
(1994), Richie Rich (1994), 'Til There Was You (1997), My Favorite Martian (1999), and as the diva Katerina Cavalieri in Miloš Forman's Amadeus (1984).



Audio and Video Links:

* mp3 download 911 interview pt1
* mp3 download 911 interview pt2



Ebersole has also been part of the cast of several failed television series, including Rachel Gunn, R.N. (1992) in which she played the title role, alongside Will & Grace's Megan Mullally. She has also had notable guest roles in shows such as Will & Grace, Just Shoot Me,
Murphy Brown and Ally McBeal.

Ebersole has found her biggest fame on Broadway. Her most noted roles have included an appearance in Gore Vidal's The Best Man (2000),
Millicent Jordan in Dinner at Eight (2002) (for which she was
nominated for a Tony Award), M'Lynn in Steel Magnolias (2005), and the role for which she won the Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in a Musical - Dorothy Brock in the 2001 revival of 42nd Street.

In 2006, Ebersole took the dual role of Edie Beale and Edith Bouvier Beale in Grey Gardens, a new musical based upon the movie of the same name. After a sold-out off-broadway run, Ebersole remained with the roles when the play moved to Broadway in fall 2006. For this role, she has received rave reviews.

Ebersole has been married twice, to Peter Bergman, and to her present spouse Bill Moloney, with whom she has adopted three children. She is also the aunt of Janel Moloney. She currently lives in Maplewood, New Jersey with her family.



New WTC 7 Blockbuster One Of The Biggest Stories Of All Time

Information Liberation
Thursday, March 1, 2007

The new WTC 7 revelations, in which BBC and CNN reporters tell of WTC 7's collapse as the building still stands, has sent shock waves
through out the internet and has become one of the biggest stories of all time. In just 2 days the footage has been seen by an absolute
minimum of 270,000 people. The version on YouTube has over 140,000 views, and the version on Live Leak has over 130,000. The amount of other versions, as well as the original version which was deleted, are innumerable. All the videos are still growing at tremendous rates and will no doubt continue to spread like wildfire over the coming weeks.

One of the most significant aspects of this whole story, which I would like to highlight, is that it is a testament to the power of what one single individual can accomplish. One individual did the research, one individual found the footage, one individual created the film, and that one individual created a video and put it out for the world to see. From there it had a massive ripple effect and was picked up by yours truly, Prison Planet, 911Blogger, Rense, Coast 2 Coast AM, and many others (all individuals) who took the ball and ran with it making it one of the biggest stories of all time.

SOURCE - ster.htm


9/11 Truth can stop World War Three right now...

Welcome to 21st Century Propaganda...

We hope you enjoyed your stay and will be leaving shortly...

South Park breaks down the herd better than anyone...

Spread the worrrd... (more) (less)

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Welcome to 21st Century Propaganda...

We hope you enjoyed your stay and will be leaving shortly...

South Park breaks down the herd better than anyone...

Spread the worrrd... :-)


Welcome to the 911 Truth DVD Project Web Site

Pilots for 9/11 Truth Upcoming Press Release

Hi All,
The following press release will be released shortly to many media outlets throughout the country. I am going to enclose all of our names as seen on our member list. I know you are all busy, so if i don't hear back from you I hope it is ok that i go ahead and release it with your name. We are going to try and shoot for a March 26 release.



Street Address
City, State, zip
Phone #
Contact: Robert Balsamo
Phone: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Fax: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

OFFICIAL ACCOUNT OF 9/11 FLIGHT CONTRADICTED BY GOVERNMENT'S OWN DATA Pilots for 9/11 Truth, an international organization of pilots and aviation professionals, petitioned the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) via the Freedom of Information Act to obtain their 2002 report, "Flight Path Study–American Airlines Flight 77," consisting of a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file and the flight path Animation, allegedly derived from Flight 77's Flight Data Recorder (FDR). In August, 2006, Pilots for 9/11 Truth received these documents from the NTSB and began a close analysis of the data they contain. After expert review and cross check, Pilots for 9/11 Truth has concluded that the information in these NTSB documents does not support, and in some instances factually contradicts, the official government position that American Airlines Flight 77 struck the Pentagon on the morning of September 11, 2001. According to the 9/11 Commission Report, which relied heavily upon the NTSB Flight Path Study, American Airlines Flight 77 struck the Pentagon at 9:37:46 AM on the morning of September 11, 2001. However, the reported impact time according to the NTSB Flight Path Study is 09:37:45. According to reports, American Airlines Flight 77 struck the Pentagon and by doing so, struck down 5 light poles on Highway 27 in its path to the west wall. The data provided by the NTSB Report, however, contradicts the Commission Report in several significant ways:
The record of data shows no impact and is truncated one second prior to impact time. Both barometric and radar altitude shows the aircraft a minimum of 300 feet too high to have struck the light poles. The flight path plotted by the animation is several degrees north of where the light poles stood and is corroborated by eyewitness testimony including Pentagon Police Officers filmed on location. All system indicators at the end of data show normal operation. In other words, there is no indication of impact with any objects. The vertical rate of descent is far too great for the plane to have leveled off prior to impact as seen in the Dept of Defense "5 Frames" video of an object level across the Pentagon west lawn. In fact, if data trends are continued through the last second beyond where recording stops, the altitude of the plane would have been at least 100 feet too high to have hit the Pentagon.

The information provided by the NTSB does not support the 9/11 Commission Report of American Airlines Flight 77 impact with the Pentagon.p> Pilots for 9/11 Truth is an international organization of pilots and aviation professionals committed to discovering the truth surrounding the events of September 11, 2001. We have contacted both the NTSB and the FBI regarding these and other inconsistencies. To date, they have refused to comment on, correct, refute, retract or offer side-letters that might explain the discrepancies between what they claim is the data extracted from the FDR of AA Flight 77 and the official story alleging its crash into the Pentagon. As concerned citizens and professionals in the aviation industry, Pilots for 9/11 Truth asks, why have these discrepancies not been addressed by agencies within the United States Government? Why have they falsely represented their own data to the American people? Pilots for 9/11 Truth takes the position that an official government inquiry into these discrepancies is warranted and long overdue. We call upon our fellow citizens to write to their Congressional representatives to informing them of these discrepancies and call for an immediate investigation into this matter. For more information, please visit
Robert N. Balsamo

ENCLOSURE: Cover letter of the FOIA requests, PBB2 DVD.

Finding fabulous fares is fun.
Let Yahoo! FareChase search your favorite travel sites to find flight and hotel bargains.

Fwd: Channel 4 in NYC shows no plane in their video

Now I can see why people have a "no plane" theory.

This is very strange Channel 4 shows no plane hitting the second
The commentators don't mention a plane at all, they say explosion, as
if they never saw a plane. I searched everywhere for the Channel 4
video in hopes of finding one with the plane. If someone lives in NYC
can you please call Channel 4, and ask them why there is no plane in
their video?

Compare this one at the 16 second mark
to this one at the 4 second mark
Note that in the channel 11 video the plane disappears behind the
building and takes 3 seconds to impact, and in the channel 4 video it
takes 5 seconds for the same event. What they are pointing out in the
channel 4 video is not the plane.

The other vidoes below are more of the same.

Alf v911t

House committee to subpoena top White House officials Wednesday

House committee to subpoena top White House officials Wednesday

gonna be a whole lot of tap dancing

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

[Fwd: Re: [9-11-NeXuS] "Impeachment: I'm asking you. Do you think it's time?" (Kucinich)]

---------------------------- Original Message ---------------------------- Subject: Re: [9-11-NeXuS] "Impeachment: I'm asking you. Do you think it's time?" (Kucinich) From: "galen"
Date: Tue, March 20, 2007 4:07 pm
"Scholars for Truth"
"NY 911"
"Dennis Kucinich"
"John Conyers"
Cc: "galen"

Hi all, i happen to know Kucinich, i worked on his campaign in '04 and he was on my cable TV show. I also know that Kucinich knows about 9-11 but he refuses to talk about it. I just registered on his site and commented on his call for impeachment. In my comment, i encouraged him to talk about 9-11. If several dozen more people do the same, maybe Kucinich will finally get the courage to start speaking up about 9-11.

Our movement is gaining momentum. Getting someone like Kucinich or John Conyers to end their silence about the treasonous crimes of 9-11 might be the final straw that breaks the camel's back.

In Truth and Justice -- galen

calgirlsddd85021 wrote:

> See the video on YouTube:
> Transcript of "Impeachment: I'm asking you. Do you think it's time?"
> __,_._,___

Monday, March 19, 2007

YouTube - Introducing the book

Deja vu all over again: Burglary at Democratic headquarters _ in New Hampshire

No, you're not having a flashback to 1972 and the infamous event that ultimately led to the greatest scandal in U.S. political history and the downfall of Richard Nixon's presidency.
Instead of Washington's Watergate complex, this burglary took place at the New Hampshire Democratic Party's headquarters over the weekend. Neither police nor party officials will comment on what was stolen and whether the break-in was politically motivated.
Office workers reported the break-in to police on Monday. Concord Police Sgt. Mike McGuire said some items were taken, but he declined to be more specific. The assessment was the same from Kathy Sullivan, the chairwoman of the state Democratic Party.
"Some things were taken, but I don't really want to get into that right now," Sullivan said on Tuesday.
Learn More

Don't mention the polar bears, Bush tells US scientists

The Bush Administration has been accused once again of gagging US government scientists by getting them to agree not to talk about polar bears, sea ice and climate change during official overseas trips.
A leaked memorandum issued by a regional director of the US Department of the Interior states that officials within the US Fish and Wildlife Service will limit their discussions when travelling in countries bordering the Arctic region because of sensitivities about climate change.
Learn More


After Ohio's recount rigging convictions in Cuyahoga, is Coshocton County next?
by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman
March 6, 2007
After the recent convictions of two Cuyahoga County Board of Election workers for felony recount tampering, Republican County Prosecutor Robert Batchelor is stonewalling efforts to investigate similar well-documented charges in Coshocton County, Ohio. The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections (BOE) third-ranking employee and an assistant manager were each convicted of a felony count of negligent misconduct and a misdemeanor count of failing to perform their duties during the 2004 recount. The convictions stemmed from the secret pre-counting of precincts prior to the lawfully required open recount. The convicted election workers only allowed the pre-counted precincts that matched the official results to be used in the recount. This caused the special prosecutor to tell the jury that the election recount was "rigged" in Cuyahoga.
Learn More

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fwd: Rebuilding America's Senses, Saturday, April 14-15, 2007 Austin, TX

--- In, Joe Stokes <joestokes@...> wrote:

Saturday, March 17, 2007
Rebuilding America's Senses

A Project for the New American Citizen invites you to
Rebuilding America's Senses, a two-day conference aimed at exposing
state- sponsored terrorism and its application in staged false-flag
operations. By understanding these two fundamental concepts, one can
better comprehend how governments have historically used fear and
even terrorism as a means to control their populations.
The conference will be organized around the historical and present
use of state-sponsored terrorism, as well as its inevitable use in
the future. It is our belief that a citizenry who is aware of such
tactics will not be so easily coerced into supporting another
unjustifiable war and continued degradation of their rights.

By attending this free conference you will hear from a number of
prestigious speakers, drawn from all over the country, provide
irrefutable physical and socio-scientific proof that Western
governments have indeed been behind the major terrorist events of our
lives, including the attacks of September 11th, the 7/7 bombings in
London, the Oklahoma City bombing and many more.

WHEN: Join us Saturday April 14th at 11 AM and Sunday at 10 AM for a
day long truth forum.
WHERE: The University of Texas at Austin. Room Burdine 106
Link to map.

SPEAKERS: Steven Jones, Alex Jones, Bob Bowman, Webster Tarpley, and
Chris Emery

Then after the conference we invite you to Protest the Empire.
At 5 PM at the Main Mall ( in front of the UT tower)
An all encompassing rally, protesting the destruction of our
constitution and rights, State-Sponsored terrorism, the lies of 9/11,
the illegal wars in the Middle East, and the coming war with Iran.

Save Internet Radio

Recently, the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) issued alarmingly high new royalty rates for Internet radio for the 2006-2010 period. The ruling ignored webcasting community proposals and set out the SoundExchange proposed "per performance" rates (below) and a $500 minimum fee per station per year. With around 10,000 stations playing over 250,000 artists each month, that would mean an additional $5 million per year for Live365 and our broadcasters.

A Fee Per Song Can Ruin Us, Internet Radio Companies Say
return encodeURIComponent('Internet radio companies say a recent decision by the Copyright Royalty Board would make it impossible for them to stay afloat.

Published: March 19, 2007
New-media companies and record labels are feuding again. But this time, it is the digital companies that warn they may be driven out of business.
Several Internet radio companies are arguing that a recent decision by the Copyright Royalty Board, a three-member panel under the Library of Congress, would make it almost impossible for them to stay afloat.
Under the ruling released on March 2, Web broadcasters must pay each time a listener hears a song, at a rate that began at 0.08 cent in 2006 (the ruling applies retroactively) and rises to 0.19 cent in 2010. Besides increasing the charge for each song, the ruling established a $500 minimum payment for each Web channel — making it difficult for companies like RealNetworks and Pandora to offer as many different kinds of music as they do now.

Fwd: March on the Pentagon Photos 3/17/2007

_March on the Pentagon Photos 3/17/2007_

Drinking Liberally VA Beach
8:00 PM on Wed, March 21 2007
620 19th St, Virginia Beach, VA
Chris J.

_vabeach@..._ (mailto:vabeach@...)

Honey Bees in the US Disappearing at an Alarimg Pace

This is off the 9/11 topic most likely, but it is such important
news, I just had to report it.

Honey bees in US facing extinction
By Michael Leidig in Vienna
Last Updated: 2:20am GMT 14/03/2007

Albert Einstein once predicted that if bees were to disappear, man
would follow only a few years later.

That hypothesis could soon be put to the test, as a mysterious
condition that has wiped half of the honey bee population the United
States over the last 35 years appears to be repeating itself in


Google News Search Results:

Alf v911t

How You Can Help Prisonplanet & Infowars Spread 9/11 Truth Via

Truth Movement Could Explode Online with New Marketing Tools
Tuesday, February 20, 2007
For those who do not yet know how to use Digg, a reader has
written the following very helpful piece:
You may have seen this new icon on our original articles lately:

This feature is called DIGG, Which is located at the top right hand
side of selected PrisonPlanet articles and can be found online at
This new feature enables Prisionplanet readers, for the first time,
to vote on news content. This enables news articles that receive the
most votes to climb higher in a ladder based news system.
This key feature enables a direct communication with the reader and
lets a reader decide the future outcome of a news
story. With this interaction readers finally have the opportunity to
become a core part of bringing a news story to a greater audience.
What Is It?
Digg is a FREE user driven social content website. Everything on
Digg is submitted by the Digg community. After digg users submit
content, other people read their submissions and "Digg" what they
like best. If the story rocks and receives enough "Diggs", it is
promoted to the front page for the millions of visitors to see.
Digg receives more traffic than and almost as much
traffic as Its rank in Alexa is 74. (The smaller the number,
the more traffic it receives)
A recent article entitled BBC 9/11 Documentary
LikeLy Hit Piece made the HomePage of and ended up with more
then 700 Diggs, which could be viewed here, and was read by many who
do not normally visit the website, thanks to help from our readers. jumped up in the Alexa web rankings as a result
the next day, and many people who do not normally visit the website
read the 9/11 article.
Help Spread 9/11 Truth
If you wish to become part of the Digg community, all you have to
do is simply sign up for an account at and click
on "Join Digg" on the top right, or simply Click Here You can also
sign up by simply clicking the Digg feature on the top right of
selected articles. This will instantly take you to the set up page.
Once you have signed up and are logged in, you can digg any stories
you like, and this will help them get maximum exposure.
Digg is an incredible tool for those interested in spreading 9/11
Truth and supporting Alex Jones. If you wish to digg 9/11 Truth
stories at Prisonplanet, simply click the Digg icon on the top right.
If you wish to add Steve Watson to digg, his name is sonof101 or
Click Here to learn the latest stories he submitted. If you wish to
add Paul Watson to digg, his name is onedeaddj or Click Here to learn
the latest stories he submitted.

Reader Comments

Perfect "7" Video Now On Google Video

WTC7- Smoking Gun of 9/11

This video is now on Google Video. It is only 16 minutes long yet
The BBC-Jump the Gun reports of Bldg 7 collapse, Craig Bartmer-First
Responder-Interview, "Lucky Larry" Silverstein "pull it" admission,
Danny Jowenko Demolition Expert Interview. It also has numerous clips

This short video is perfect for waking the masses. Let's move it to
the TOP 100.
if the link becomes "accidentally" broken, delete the blank spaces

Russia Watched 9/11 on Satellite

Jon Carlson wrote: From: "Jon Carlson" To: <;>
Subject: Russia Watched 9/11 on Satellite
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 19:45:01 -0600

Russia Watched 9/11
In Real Time On Satellite