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Fwd: Re: [v911t] NBC Unplugs Kucinich from Presidential Debate

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So, this is just another constitutional violation! Like mine!

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NBC un-plugs Kucinich from Presidential debate

Re-writes criteria to exclude candidate with 'dissenting'

Less than 44 hours after NBC sent a congratulatory note and an
invitation to Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich to participate
in the Jan. 15 Democratic Presidential debate in Las Vegas,
the network notified the campaign this morning it was changing
it announced criteria, rescinding its invitation, and
excluding Kucinich from the debate. NBC Political
Director Chuck Todd notified the Kucinich campaign this
morning that, although Kucinich had met the qualification
criteria publicly announced on December 28, the network
was "re-doing" the criteria, excluding Kucinich, and planning
to invite only Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and
former senator John Edwards.

The criteria announced last month included a fourth-
place or better showing in a national poll. The USA/Gallup
poll earlier this month showed Kucinich in fourth place among
the Democratic contenders.
In an email to the Kucinich campaign at 2:35 p.m. on
Wednesday, January 9, Democratic Party debates consultant
Jenny Backus wrote:

"Congratulations on another hard-fought contest. Now
that New Hampshire is over, we are on to Nevada and our
Presidential Debate on Tuesday January 15. This letter serves as
an official invitation for your candidate to participate in
the Nevada Presidential Debate at Cashman Theatre in downtown
Las Vegas. You have met the criteria set by NBC and the

Todd notified the Kucinich campaign this morning that
the network had decided to change the criteria and limit
participation in the debate to only three candidates.

Kucinich is the only remaining Democratic Presidential
candidate who: voted against the original Iraq War
authorization in 2002 and every war-funding measure since; voted
against the so-called Patriot Act; advocates a national, not-
for-profit health system that covers all Americans; has called
for the repeal of NAFTA and withdrawal from the WTO; and
proposes a national back-to-work program (Works Green
Administration) patterned after the Depression-era Works
Progress Administration (WPA).

The Kucinich campaign, which filed an emergency
complaint with the Federal Communications Commission last week
because of ABC's decision to exclude the candidate from a
nationally televised debate, is considering legal action to
address "the blatant disregard of the public interest in
silencing public debate that dissents with the views of NBC,
its parent company, GE, and all of the military contractors
and their candidate-funding corporate interests. Corporate
control of the media is one issue. Corporate media control of
the information that is allowed to reach American citizens is
much more dangerous, much more sinister, and much more un-

"When `big media' exert their unbridled control over
what Americans can see, hear, and read, then the
Constitutional power and right of the citizens to vote is being
vetoed by multi-billion corporations that want the votes to go
their way," the Kucinich campaign said.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Fwd: HR 1955 / S 1959 and Demonizing 9/11 Truty


Why are HR 1955 and other repressive
laws becoming a necessity?

Because US citizens are getting too close
to the truth.

What can a corrupt government do when it
realizes that the people are catching on?

Demonize the truth tellers.

Right now, as you read this, the US government
is engaged in a sophisticated media campaign
to equate 9/11 research with terrorism.

Sound outlandish?

It's not.

It started with a Congressional hearing called:

"Using the web as a weapon: The Internet as a tool
for violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism."

At this hearing, 9/11 Truth groups were lumped
together with violent terrorists.

You can watch them do it with your own eyes.

This is an extremely important video to spread.

- Brasscheck

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fwd: Very Pleasant Clip of WeAreChange Confronting Tim Russert

Fwd: The Admiral's Interview

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fwd: Re: Ron Paul in Laura Ingraham Interview

I got respect for Paul from this interview, he walks the walks, and
talks the talk, rebuttal after astute rebuttal. His ideology stood up
under the scrutiny of Laura Ingraham. Better than a poke in the eye
with a sharp stick, still Paul's ideology is flawed, at least from the
point of view of the common man, like you and me. But still a far cry
from the fascist thugs in power now, but it was the constitution that
gave rise to their unchecked powers, face it, the constitution is not
the be all and end all of what is what, and who knows who, and the
power of the moneyed few.
Alfons v911t
PS: I just interviewed Shell Game author, Steve Allen

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Fwd: Cincinnati 911 Truth - An Attempt at Freeway Blogging

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Watch the video!

Join me on every Saturday Night at 7 p.m. Eastern.
Watch 911 videos; documentaries, interviews, lectures.

Go to

Send me a friend request if you want to join in on the chat.
Chat room is friends only!

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Fwd: Awesome - Sean Hannity Finally Getting Deserved Accountability for His Assistance in Subversion of The Constituton - They All Must Be Held Accountable for Subversion of The Constittution - Non Vioent Well Deserved Infamy - I haven't seen stuff like this since the 60's. Awesome.

Awesome - Sean Hannity Finally Getting Deserved Accountability for His
Assistance in Subversion of The Constituton - They All Must Be Held
Accountable for Subversion of The Constittution - Non Vioent Well
Deserved Infamy: Most Excellent - I haven't seen stuff like this since
the 60's. Awesome.

It's 2:02 minutes and well worth the time and makes a great OJAT (On
the Job Activist Training). Good ole' dirtball Hannity should hear
nothing but curses for the rest of his elitist life.

Fwd: The Fellowship: Viggo Stand With Dennis Kucinich

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Kucinich Weekly Update 01 07 08

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Fwd: Sibel Edmonds fingers traitors Douglas Feith, Richard Perle

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The darkest secrets of 9/11 are buried at the end of the trail laid
in Edmonds' testimony. As Luke Ryland
<>, the world's
foremost expert on the Edmonds case, writes

/"//The /Times /article/
then notes something that I //reported/
<>/ 18 months
ago. Immediately after 911, the FBI arrested a bunch of people
of being involved with the attacks -- including four associates of
targets of FBI's counterintelligence operations. Sibel heard the
tell Marc Grossman: 'We need to get them out of the U.S. because we
can't afford for them to spill the beans.' Grossman duly facilitated
their release from jail and the suspects immediately left the country
without further investigation or interrogation. /

/"Let me repeat that for emphasis: The #3 guy at the State Dept.
facilitated the immediate release of 911 suspects at the request of
targets of the FBI's investigation."/

Corruption and a massive cover-up organized at the highest levels of
government -- America's nuclear secrets and technology looted on a
massive scale, and sold to our enemies via a network set up by our
alleged foreign "friends
<>," while the
threat of nuclear terrorism hangs over our country like a thick fog
fear, and warmongering politicians
scare us into going along with the program -- if even half of what
Edmonds alleges turns out to be true, then we are all in some very

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Fwd: Re: A Soldier's Words

What I love about this soldier, he is so real, he is telling it like it
is, speaking from the heart.
Alfons v911t
It starts out slow, but this soldier hits his stride about 3 min. 40
sec. in. It's worth the wait.

Fwd: Soldiers Witness Strange Lights Over Iraq