Sunday, November 01, 2009

A soliloquy by Alfons about the state of the Truth movement

I am asking a question and I am not sure about the answer. I am
not even sure about the question.

One of the problems I see is a lack of organization, too many messages and
stories based on flawed analysis that discredit and muddy the waters. We need to
have one clear voice, although there are so many people with so many opinions
about what to say and how to say it. I am not sure how voluntary compliance can
be achieved, but it would be nice if the 9/11 Truthers could achieve such
discipline. So is the 9/11 Truth movement stuck where it is or can it achieve
some sophistication, expertise, and discipline? I suspect not. Quite frankly we
have people who I suspect are just not capable of intellectual honesty, and or
we have people in the movement who are trying to destroy it.

Our enemies are much more sophisticated, their organizations are by invitation
only and tightly vetted, they have clear cut goals and agendas, and plans to
achieve those goals, and they have access to money galore, it is because of this
structure that they get much less in-fighting and far more consensus. You are
either with them or they will get rid of you by any means necessary.

We on the other hand have no vetting process, very little structure, no clear
cut goals, or plans to achieve them. We are under funded as well. Some would say
the 9/11 Truth movement is leaderless, I would say it is leaderful, we have many
leaders and we have a hodge podge of ad hoc confusion and disarray, we are not
battle ready.

As Sun Tzu said, "know your enemy, and know yourself." and if we carefully asses
by these means we see that 9/11 Truth is at a very distinct disadvantage. So
what do we do about that? Can we do anything about that? I am not sure. I am
sure we are losing the war. But the war is not over, seems to me that we need to
regroup and get a new plan, or at least a plan, I am not sure that we ever had a
plan, other than to say "9/11 was an inside job" which IMHO is not even true. I
suspect that 9/11 was an inside/outside job.

Get it done? Achieve our goal. The goal, as far as I am concerned is to
prosecute and take the perps out of power, and thereby make prolonged peace,
prosperity, and freedom much more likely.

There is a simple 3 step process: Where are we now? Where do we want to be? How
are we going to get there? 9/11 Truth seems to be stuck in the Where are we now
stage of this essential process. Living in the problem and not living in the
solution. Although we are doing a decent job of dissemination of information
such as results of scientific research and research in general. With the
conferences, the radio shows, the books, and DVDs. But that alone seems to be
not enough to get us where we want to go. And the purpose of this lengthy
soliloquy is to urge 9/11 Truthers to start living in the solution. I plan to
keep on going with the Truth until hell freezes over. I just can't with good
conscience allow this to stand.

By means of Truth, we shall wage Peace,

Alfons v911t