Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fwd: The phony confession--like Timothy McVeigh?

And this guy was a Reagan Republican!

Fwd: Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth Event "Please Help Donate"

Hello Truthseekers and Truthtellers,
On April 11th Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth
along with other 9/11 truth sites such as:

Veterans For 9/11 Truth

Lonelantern Society

who are contributing, will have a 9/11 Truth Event designed to
reach our church leaders in the Milwaukee area and our surrounding
This 9/11 truth event is titled " We The People's Moral Response To
9/11 Truth". It will be held on Wednesday, April 11th from 6 to 10 PM
at Serb Hall in Milwaukee (51st & Oklahoma Ave). Kevin Barrett, Jim
Fetzer and Gary Franchi will be speakers/presenters. Flyer of event
is pictured here:

Our group of 9/11 Truthers in Milwaukee have just sent out over
800 letters to most of the churches in this area. This letter
contains a speech done by David Ray Griffin that he addressed to
religious leaders/people. The title of the speech is "9/11 and the
American Empire: How Should Religious People Respond?" We also sent
out a flyer of our event with some 9/11 truth facts on it.
We have been passing out a lot of flyers advertising the event
and passing out DVD's. This event is free and open to the public.
We're hoping to reach religious leaders, but also the average citizen
that knows little if anything about 9/11 truth. The hall we rented
can hold as many as 500 people. Anyone coming to this event will also
recieve a free 9/11 truth DVD when they leave the event.
The last part of this e-mail is a plea for any kind of monetary
donation. This event not only takes a lot of hours to prepare
letters, flyers and DVD's but it costs some money. So I'm asking
anyone that can afford any kind of monetary donation to please send
it our way by charge card, pay pal or send it by mail to:

Matthew Naus
P.O. Box 20755
Milwaukee, WI 53220-0755

If you are using a charge card or pay pal then link here

and you'll see the charge card and pay pal icons at the top of the

Thanks for any support your willing
to give it will be much appreciated. I will be sending another e-
mail after the event to let all of you know how successful we were in
reaching the church leaders and citizens in this community to
learning more and doing more for 9/11 Truth.

Take Care
Take A
Stand For 9/11 Truth

O'Donnell Out Of The Closet... As A 9/11 Truther

Friday, March 16, 2007

Waxman to Make Announcment Early Next Week on Sibel Edmonds

Waxman to Make Announcment Early Next Week on Sibel Edmonds (
Home<>» Waxman
to Make... )
Submitted by GeorgeWashington <> on
03/16/2007 - 12:51pm.
Sibel Edmonds <> |

*UPDATE: Lukery says that it is now too late to write, and that only
calls can help at this point.*

Lukery's newest essay about Sibel
alot of information, and is well worth the read. (Edmonds told Jon
Gold that Lukery "is the best investigative journalist out there on
case, and has done a tremendous amount of work on it.")

In the essay, Lukery states:

Sibel has briefed [Waxman's] office in classified hearings - and it
that he is going to make a decision (& announcement) early next week
whether he will hold separate hearings into her case.

Lukery also gives more specific contact information for Waxman and
relevant Congress critters (see below).

Please note that this is *not* a done deal ... it is *not* over until
makes his announcement, and I invite every person who has not
Waxman to do so.

The powers-that-be within the Democratic party are going to put
pressure on Waxman to focus on "more important things" (that is,
other than 9/11), and to ignore Sibel Edmonds.

Please also remember that -- from the perspective of congress people -
phone calls count the most, faxes and letters the second most, and
almost not at all (since everyone knows that emails take the least
time, and
since it is difficult to separate spam from real emails).

Please also consider Digging Lukery's previous story
my tabloid style description of his new story

Contact Information

Congressman Henry Waxman (contact

(Those calling Waxman's office should ask for Michelle
Ash<>& David

In Washington, D.C.

2204 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
(202) 225-3976 (phone)
(202) 225-4099 (fax)

In Los Angeles
8436 West Third Street, Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 651-1040 (phone)
(818) 878-7400 (phone)
(310) 652-3095 (phone)
(323) 655-0502 (fax)

House Government Reform Committee (contact
By Mail or Phone:
Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
U.S. House of Representatives
2157 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
(202) 225-5051

Please also contact Congressman John Conyers, asking him to support
by Chairman Waxman.
(Those calling Conyers' office should ask for Elliot Mintzberg.)
Email: John.Conyers@...

Washington, DC
2426 Rayburn Building
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-5126
(202) 225-0072 Fax
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Love and Energy


A Doctor Speaks Out About Chemtrails

Fwd: Brzezinski.wmv/

The Future Has Caught Up With Us - Paul Craig Roberts

The Future Has Caught Up With Us - Paul Craig Roberts Mar.14, 07

John Derbyshire is the sole remaining adult writing for National
Review. In a recent issue, he noted that Aldous Huxley's "Brave New
World," first published in 1932, now reads like contemporary news.
Huxley's fearsome predictions of a 26th century world have all come
true six centuries early — in vitro fertilization, genetically modified
crops, stem-cell research, promiscuous recreational sex, the demise of
marriage and families, and the epidemic use of prescription and illegal
drugs to escape from anxiety, frustration and disappointment.
Alas, Franz Kafka's "The Trial," published in 1925, and George
Orwell's "1984," published in 1949, also have been turned into period
pieces by the practices of the Bush Regime....

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Soldiers Speak Out now available

Soldier Speak Out, featuring Dennis Kyne, Jimmey Massey, Pat Resta and many other veterans of Iraq. to purchase your copy today. is now ready for you to see and share with your friends. Get as many as you want for one shipping fee. Soldiers Speak Out is a powerful, first-hand testament to the reality of the military experience, told entirely in the words of American veterans who have been to war and are now opposing it. This half-hour documentary serves as a counter-recruitment and organizing tool for activists, schools, and organizations. It provides a sober view of the war in Iraq and an important counterpoint to the "stay-the-course" rhetoric of the Bush administration. The DVD is packed with loads of bonus footage, in addition to the documentary: 92 minutes of extended interviews with the veterans, 31 minutes of award-winning shorts: Beyond Babylon, Camp Casey, Leave My Child Alone, Looking Down, plus 27 minutes of trailers from, music section, and resource section with direct weblinks to important groups and information to purchase your copy today

Support the Truth

Fwd: MkUltra

--- In, "Alfons" <alf@...> wrote:

Alf v911t

--- End forwarded message ---

Fwd: Lt. General Michael DeLong (Ret.), A General Speaks Out: The Truth About the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

*Lt. General Michael DeLong (Ret.)*, *A General Speaks Out: The Truth
the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq *
Retired Marine Lt. Gen. DeLong served as second in command to Gen. Tommy
Franks at United States Central Command (Centcom). In his book, he
gives a
behind-the-scenes look at what was happening at Centcom following the
attacks and discusses the planning for the wars in Afghanistan and
Iraq. He
also explains why he thinks both invasions were justified (Sunday 9:30
AM, 7
I don't have CABLE TV so if anyone can call in with questions if this
live .. HAMMER HIM!

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed killed in Pakistan by ISI in 2002?

Like Osama, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is proving very useful for a dead
Maybe that's why we only ever see the one photo of him, over and over
over and over

thanks to

A chilling inheritance of terror
By Syed Saleem Shahzad

KARACHI - Ever since the frenzied shootout last month on September 11
Karachi there have been doubts over whether Khalid Shaikh Mohammed,
self-proclaimed head of al-Qaeda's military committee, died in the
raid on his apartment.

Certainly, another senior al-Qaeda figure, Ramzi Binalshibh, widely
attributed as being the coordinator of the September 11 attacks on the
United States a year earlier, was taken alive and handed over to the
US. The
latest information is that he is on a US warship somewhere in the

Now it has emerged that Kuwaiti national Khalid Shaikh Mohammed did
perish in the raid, but his wife and child were taken from the
apartment and
handed over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in whose
they remain.

Sources close to Pakistani intelligence agents say that the wife,
intense interrogation, has revealed information that is likely to
lead to a
new crackdown in Pakistan, as well as in Southeast Asia.

After the Taliban and al-Qaeda were routed in Afghanistan at the end
2001, many fled to Pakistan to regroup and set up new cells. One of
as described in Asia Times Online, From the al-Qaeda puzzle, a picture
emerges, was in Karachi, with Khalid Shaikh Mohammed as its head.

Despite being tracked by informers within Pakistan's Inter-Services
Intelligence (ISI), Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who has been described as
"probably the only man who knows all the [al-Qaeda] pieces of the
always managed to remain one step ahead of any raiding parties in the
areas along the coastal belt of Karachi.

However, it was then learned that Shaikh Mohammed had established
connections with some local groups, including underworld figures, to
entrench his cell. Using highly sensitive equipment, in April a call
tracked to someone by the name of Arif, living in the densely
southwestern part of the city. Arif spoke to a Tunisian, passing on a
message from Shaikh Mohammed. Subsequently, the Tunisian is believed
to be
the man who rammed a truck laden with explosives into a Jewish
synagogue in
Djerba in Tunisia in which many French and German citizens died.

After this suicide attack, the FBI were onto Shaikh Mohammed in a big
and, no doubt not entirely without coincidence, on September 11 they
on a showdown at the apartment of Shaikh Mohammed, his wife and
child, in
the Defense Housing Authority near Korangi Road. A number of Arabs
were also
living in the apartment at the time.

Initially, the joint ISI-FBI plan was to take Shaikh Mohammed alive
so that
he could be grilled, especially as he was believed to have knowledge
other al-Qaeda cells in Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and
However, as a plainclothed officer climbed the stairs toward the
apartment, a hand grenade was thrown, and he retreated.
Reinforcements then
arrived, and for the next few hours a fierce gun battle blazed.

The FBI, still keen to take Shaikh Mohammed alive, teargassed the
area, and
a number of people were captured. However, despite instructions to the
contrary, a few Pakistan Rangers entered the flat, where they found
Mohammed and another man, allegedly with their hands up. The Rangers
nevertheless opened fire on the pair.

Later, the Pakistani press carried pictures of a message scrawled in
on the wall of the flat, proclaiming the Muslim refrain of Kalma, in
"There is no God except Allah, Mohammed is his messenger"). An
official who
was present in the flat at the time of the shooting has told Asia
Online that the message was written by Shaikh Mohammed with his own
blood as
his life drained from him.

Subsequently, to their surprise, the raiders learned that Ramzi
had been netted in the swoop. And nothing further was said of Khalid

But now it emerges that an Arab woman and a child were taken to an
ISI safe
house, where they identified the Shaikh Mohammed's body as their
husband and
father. The body was kept in a private NGO mortuary for 20 days
before being
buried, under the surveillance of the FBI, in a graveyard in the
district of Karachi.

The widow subsequently underwent exhaustive interrogation in the
custody of
FBI officials, during which she revealed details of people who
visited her
husband, and of his other contacts and plans. News of the death of
Shaikh Mohammed was intentionally suppressed so that officials could
play on
the power of his name to follow up leads and contacts.

From this it emerges that, in particular, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was
close contact with the Rabitatul Mujahideen, an alliance formed by
Indonesia's Jemaah Islamiyah to act as a central committee for
leaders of
the various militant groups in Southeast Asia. He was also in touch
dissident groups within the Lashkar-i-Taiba, a Pakistani-based
group that has been active in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) in Indian-
Kashmir, and another Pakistani militia, the Ansarul Islam.

Intelligence officials now believe that through these links a new
wave of
terror will be unleashed - and officials have already taken the
to warn the intelligence agencies of friendly countries to check the
of all people who have undergone flight training in the past six
They have been led to believe that another World Trade Center/Pentagon
attack is being planned, although not on a target in the US.

((c)2002 Asia Times Online Co, Ltd. All rights reserved. Please
content@... for information on our sales and syndication policies.)

Oct 30, 2002

Fwd: Re: Who killed Daniel Pearl? MI6 or Al Qaeda?

--- In, "seveneasypeaces" <seveneasypeaces@...>

I am so upset about this.
I remember when this guy was arrested. They came into his house in
the middle of the night im Iraq and woke him up, hence the picture
that makes him look like a nut. We've never seen another picture.
They arrested him for the ship terrorism when the man in the
wheelchair was killed. This guy was connected to the Palestinians,
and he was hiding in iraq. I have wondered where he is because I
never saw where he got a trial for that event which is what he was
arrested for.

They used it to prove that saddam was "harboring terrorists." He was
not arrested for "doing 911." Now he is a mastermind!! What
terrible things have they done to break him.

He was hiding in Iraq. He was found and it was a big celebration for
the zionists because he was connected to the Palestinians, not bin
forgotten. I am so upset that they are getting away with changing
history. This guy was on the lam, I doubt that he was crossing
borders. His issue was Palestine. It is well known that saddam
sympathized with the Palestinians and not bin forgotten. He and bin
forgotten were enemies. He did hide this guy in his country.

They can't get away with rewriting history and breaking people. They
just can't get away with it. I remember.


Peace Needs Truth

Who killed Daniel Pearl? MI6 or Al Qaeda?

Editors comment: Depends on who you ask, Pervez Musharraf has disclosed that Omar Sheikh, who kidnapped and murdered American journalist Daniel Pearl and is now facing death penalty, was actually the British secret Agency MI6. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Confesses to Daniel Pearl's Execution. Someone is not telling the Truth.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Confesses to Daniel Pearl's Execution

President dubs alleged Pearl killer MI6 spy

Transcript: Full text of Mohammed's inquiry hearing as posted on the Defense Department's Web site. (PDF)

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed killed in Pakistan by ISI in 2002?

Now it has emerged that Kuwaiti national Khalid Shaikh Mohammed did indeed perish in the raid, but his wife and child were taken from the apartment and handed over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in whose hands they remain.

citizen's arrest of Bush et al is legal

To clarify my advocation of the arrest of Bush et al.
From Blacks Law Dictionary:
citizen's arrest
: an arrest made not by a law officer but by any citizen who derives the authority to arrest from the fact of being a citizen
Note: Under common law, a citizen may make an arrest for any felony actually committed, or for a breach of the peace committed in his or her presence.


So the arrest of Bush et al is legal in precedent under common law.

Alfons v911t

Fwd: 9/11 Truth Song

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fwd: War Zombies

A friend of mine made this, must see.

Alfons v911t

Fwd: NIST Denies Molten Metal

Fwd: 9/11 Base: USS George Washington

Jon Carlson wrote: From: "Jon Carlson" To: <;>
Subject: 9/11 Base: USS George Washington
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2007 22:22:26 -0600

The 9/11 Base Of Operations:
Aircraft Carrier USS George Washington

Help Reach Out to Thousands of People Today

Dear World Can't Wait Supporter,

I know that you are probably as outraged as I that the Democratic leaders have backed off from an attempt to force Bush to get their approval before he attacks Iran.

This makes our action all the more important as we head into the fifth year of the war on Iraq. You can help pay for fast internet advertising to let people know about:

Saturdays march, which needs to be a massive outpouring against the war on Iraq, a demand to not attack Iran, and a means to put impeachment on the table, and

The World Can't Wait Call Millions who havent seen it are not aware these is a vehicle to break through politics as usual.

A donation of $1,000 will allow the message to reach 800,000 people visiting sites like Alternet, TruthDig, Crooks & Liars. A part of that $1000 can come from you or those you know.

In the face of Novembers election results showing people want an end to the war on Iraq, and with the occupation of Iraq going very badly, George Bush has expanded that war and is planning new crimes against Iran. A Pentagon panel has been created to lead a bombing attack on Iran within 24 hours of getting the go-ahead from Bush. Bush, Cheney, and Rice say that "all options are on the table" in dealing with Iran, and that includes dropping nuclear bombs, allegedly to stop Iran from developing them.

It is the urgent responsibility of people living in the United States to demand and end of the war on Iraq, and to STOP an attack on Iran. We must show that the outrages committed by the Bush regime, from Iraq to New Orleans, are not being done in our name. We wont accept war crimes!

2008 is too late!

Its up to us to create new realities on the ground: hundreds of thousands, acting for millions, who speak for ourselves, in a movement demanding that all this be brought to a halt, repudiating this whole direction, and taking history into our hands.

This is why in this moment it is crucial that we reach out to thousands of people bringing them into this movement. Your donation of $100, $500, or $1,000 will help build this movement to bring the whole Bush program to a halt.

Donate online OR Make Tax-Deductible Donation

Samantha Goldman
Development Director, World Can't Wait--Drive Out The Bush Regime

World Can't Wait

305 W. Broadway #185
New York, NY 10013

Fwd: Robert Newman History of Oil

This is funny, and true, a good way to tell the truth.

Alfons v911t

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fwd: Sibel Edmonds: Help me put Perle and Feith in jail

[Fwd: Mindwalk 59: Bush Sponsors Terrorism]

Hi Folks,

I apologize it's been a whole month. Got bogged down
big time, but still kicking. Here's the show...

Mindwalk 59: Bush Sponsors Terrorism

Iran Contra all over again! Bush covertly using
non-congressional funds to support and finance
fanatical Sunni radicals, essentially the same folks
who did 9/11! Seymore Hersh spells it out in his New
Yorker magazine article "Redirection". Our edit has
a Fat Boy Slim remix with media bytes from CNN and
HBO's Realtime mixed in with sounds of the WTC
collapse. Next, Roger Waters is Leaving Beirut,
followed by David Bowie "Afraid of Americans" with a
freaky gun salesman commercial and the BBC Top Gear
crew avoiding getting lynched in Alabama. Finally a
mashup of ACDC v.s. Metallica.

This just in... "Tale of a Practical Woman". A short
film produced by the folks down under at NimFM. Next
week we'll have the red carpet runway report directly
from the Nimmy Awards! Here's the film:

Cheers all!


Mindwalk 59: Bush Sponsors Terrorism

Mindwalk may or may-not contain EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.
Licensed broadcasters should air during SAFE HARBOR.

Mirror broadcast quality mp3 downloads or find rss
feed here:

TRT 29:30 Stereo 128/44 27meg mp3

Credits: Pierre Henry, 9/11 witnesses, Seymore Hersh,
Wolf Blitzer CNN, Bill Maher HBO, Bob, Roger Waters,
David Bowie, Don's Guns, BBC Top Gear, Henry Mancini,
ACDC, Metallica

Monday, March 12, 2007

Fwd: My husband was arrested today at the public library.

Tim was arrested today (at 2:30 pm) for disturbing the peace at the
local library. We were "counter recruiting" kind of. Well, this is
what happened.
I had note cards cuz I was doing my homework. And then 2 recruiters
came in with a civilian. The three of them went into a room with
windows. I was right next to the room, so I started putting up note
cards that said "Don't fall for it! Military recruiters lie." "It's
NOT HONORABLE to fight for a lying President."
One of the recruiters came out and he said "who put this up?"
refering to the cards. I said I did. He asked me my name and I told
him I didn't have to give it to him. Then Tim said "Are you saying
we can't use our freedom of speech?" The soldier didn't answer. Tim
said it again "are you saying we can't use our freedom of speech?"
The soldier said "stop doing this." We said "stop lying and
recruiting people to die." Then he took those two cards to the
director, whose name is Doug Daughterich (Stow Monroe-Falls
Library). Mr. Daughterich took our cards and told us we couldn't put
them on there. Tim said this is a public place I can express my
speech freely anywhere. Then Mr. Daughterich said no we couldn't.
He said we weren't allowed to do that in the library and we wouldn't
be allowed to do it in a store. Tim said stores are privately owned,
public libraries are for the public. Mr. Daughterich said that
whatever he decides is what the rules are for his library. By then
we had a few more cards up, which read:
"Don't do it." "My husband is a gulf war veteran. He can tell you the
TRUTH. " "Recruiters: You're fighting for my freedom of speech
too!" "To the military you are cannon fodder."
Mr. Daughterich took those down too. Tim said he wanted his cards
back that they were his property and Mr. Daughterich reluctantly gave
them back to Tim. Then he said if we put up one more card he is
going to ask us to leave. And he walked away. We knew then that he
was going to call the police. So we knocked on the window and told
the civilian "Don't do it." Then Tim said Do you know what the
Ferris Docterine is? He said if you join the military you are
allowing them to use you for their own medical purposes and you have
no say. Did they tell you that in there? The guy said he was a
veteran and was re-recruiting. Tim said if he were a veteran he
would know to go to the recruiting station, not a library to re-
recruit, and that he wouldn't have to sign tons of forms.
Then the police showed up. As if this isn't long enough.
They asked us not to put anymore cards up there. I said we weren't.
The other officer said he wanted our names so he can file his report.
I asked him if we were being arrested. They said no. So I said I
will not give you my ID. And Tim said he wouldn't either. Then they
said that we had to show them ID. I said where does the law state,
if I'm not being arrested that I have to show you my ID? He said if
you don't give me your ID I will arrest you for disturbing the
public. Then we both said, when you do we will give you our ID's
until then, we won't. And then Tim gave his veterans card. The guy
said what is your address and Tim said I'm not giving it to you. The
officer said I need it to file my report. Then Tim said, call the VA
and you can get it from them. They said I need your SSN and Tim said
no you don't. I don't have to provide you with that. Then the
officer said "would you please leave the building." We
said "gladly." As we were walking out, Tim was very upset and he
told the director "you're a dick." Then the officer said one more
word from you and I'll arrest you. Then Tim yelled out loud "Don't
let the military recruit people in the library."
And the officers came after us. They told Tim that they wanted to
put cuffs on him and if he didn't let him they'd taze him. I took
Tim's wallet and the car keys. The officer told me I wasn't allowed
back in. I said I didn't want to come to a place that didn't honor
freedom of speech. I said they should be more concerned with people
who are real criminals, not with people who use their freedoms of
speech. The officer goes "yeah, yeah, just leave."
So I did and he took my plate number down.
Then he told me that Tim would be in the Stow/Monroe Falls Police
station and if I didn't give them his ID then he'd go to summit
county jail. I said I will not give them his ID and I told Tim I
love him and I walked away.
I went home to get the kids and then called the station. They are
releasing him on a signature bond. The officer then says if you
would have just given us the information we needed, none of this
would have happened. I said "I don't mean to be rude but why is my
name so important? I just don't understand." He said we need it for
our report. I said that didn't make sense. Then I asked him when I
could get Tim and he said at 4:15. So I'll be on my way to get him.
Please say prayers we are all pretty upset.

Fwd: Leading Conservatives: 9/11 Cover-Up

Is questioning the government's version of what happened on 9/11 a
traitorous activity? Is it something cooked up by liberals and the
Democrat party to weaken the conservative movement or to undermine
the President's ability to lead the country in this dangerous time?

Fwd: Wikipedia does hit piece on 9/11 Truth

--- In, "Alfons" <alfons@...> wrote:

I just posted these comments on the discussion page at this wikipedia

You just have to be kidding me with this page. This is one giant straw man argument; you put words into the mouths of the 9/11 Truth Community, with statements like the following:
You say, "conspiracy theorists assume that the 9/11 attacks achieved more-or-less exactly their intended result."
How do you know how many assume, and to what extent?
You seem to be doing an interview, but the persons you are interviewing do not talk, you talk for them, and no rebuttal from the 9/11 Truth People is being allowed.
The conspiracy is not theoretical, it is a fact, and it could be proven beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law. Yet you assume that is a just a theory. It is not theory, and the people of the 9/11 Truth Community are not conspiracy theorist. You claim over and over again that it is just theory, and by theory you mean some sort of wild guess, more or less an unfounded belief, rather than ideas based on facts.
You say, "a 9/11 conspiracy theory generally refers to a belief in a broad conspiracy" Now where and how did you get this? Did you do a poll?
This is clearly an attack on the 9/11 Truth Community. To show that you are neutral, you need to remove terms like belief, and theorist, as well as broad generalizations about what the 9/11 Truth Community is saying. An Opinion Editorial is not encyclopedic. It appears to me that you are agents of the conspirators, accessories after the fact, aiding and abetting the criminals, with a propaganda hit piece, and yellow journalism. Treason!
Can I make a page called, "9/11 Goverment Loyalist Theories" ?
Yes, you may make such a page, and it will be subject to the same scrutiny and review as any other article on WP. If you notice a deficiency with this article, you are free to address the problem yourself. You seem to have access to a computer; use it to familiarize yourself with WP policy and improve the article accordingly. You might first want to review WP:NPA, as insults do nothing to enhance the article, nor your credibility. dr.ef.tymac 16:07, 12 March 2007 (UTC)
Alfons Responds: WP policy is clearly indicated on your 9/11 conspiracy theories page. If you give me the same latitude as that seen in on your 9/11 conspiracy theories page, then I am in, I will not make the "9/11 Government Loyalist Theories" unless I can straw man them, and use broad generalizations to characterize them as the whackos that they are. If you get my drift here I want editorial control in my editorial rebuttal to your 9/11 conspiracy theories page which is clearly an Editorial. Alfons v911t
Alfons, respectfully, I think you are missing a crucial point. "Editorializing" of any form is not acceptable, regardless of what "side" you happen to be on. This discussion page is not a forum for advancing particular viewpoints, and if you were to create such an article, it would probably be summarily deleted. If you really want to help out, start by dropping the name-calling, then start with some basics: (see e.g., Wp:not#Wikipedia_is_not_a_soapbox, Wikipedia:Your first article if you haven't already read these). dr.ef.tymac 17:53, 12 March 2007 (UTC)
Alfons Responds: If "Editorializing" of any form is not acceptable, then you need to take this page down, 9/11_conspiracy_theories, or revise it to a great extent. The page is clearly slanted, makes unsubstantiated claims that can only be based upon opinion. It appears that you have arbitrarily decided that the "official story" is correct, and all others are wrong, that is your opinion, and the page in question is your editorial. I am on the side of the Truth, what side are you on? Alfons v911t
Please see Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion or Wikipedia:Help_desk if you have concerns regarding removal or revision of an article. Those links, as well as the others given to you, provide a lot of useful information. As for your other comments, if you truly believe what you are saying, then it follows that not everything is as simple as it may appear on the surface. You might do well to remember that, before making casual accusations about what "other people" may think. That's all I have to say, regards. dr.ef.tymac 19:39, 12 March 2007 (UTC)

Updated "7" video.

Cynthia Mckinney wants to know: Why can't we know the truth about 9/11 and this war on terror?

"We must resist!"
Remarks by Cynthia McKinney
KPFK Pacifica Radio Station Fundraising Event
March 2, 2007
Los Angeles, California
First, thank you for the invitation to be with you this evening. I love KPFK and I love Pacifica.
I want to especially thank KPFK General Manager Eva Georgia for her very warm embrace. I'll have to tell you: I'm not surprised when people run away from me. But, I get emotional when I am embraced.
Another KPFK sister is Margaret Prescod. We wish her a speedy recovery.
The truth is controversial and, it seems sometimes, that only a few of us believe in sharing the truth.
KPFK is committed to the truth. Thank you to those of you who are here this evening, and to KPFK supporters who put their money where their hearts are during this pledge drive.
I'm hoping there are some folks here tonight who have never been to an event like this before. I'm hoping that people are so moved by their own intolerable circumstances that they are now willing to do something different in order to get something they've never had before.
For, in order to solve the massive problems this country now has, it can no longer be business as usual for a critical mass of us.
Whether it's the thawing tundra in Siberia or the melting glaciers in Greenland, our contribution to global warming is something that must be dealt with.
Whether it's the massive amounts of money we spend on the war machine or the fact that we still don't know what happened on September 11th, the values and priorities of the American people must be reflected in the public policy we pursue. I do not believe that is the case today and there are specific reasons why.
I have long said that the black body politic is comatose: unable to sustain itself after the massive infusion of COINTELPRO-type "clean Negroes" who don't truly provide representation for a body of people in need.
Unfortunately, now, the entire American body politic is in dire straits, too.
I have also said that the prescription for the black body politic is radical surgery. So, too, now, I believe, is the case with the American body politic.
The extreme corruption of our political system by the greedy, unseen hand that comfortably operates in the backrooms of power is turning our heroes into caricatures of themselves.
Why can't we know the truth about 9/11 and this war on terror?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sign Petition to BBC Regarding WTC 7

Subject: Petition the BBC

If you want to help get to the bottom of the 9/11 cover-up, I urge you visit this site and add your name to the petition:

Here's its text...

To: The British Broadcasting Corporation

So Mr. Richard Porter of the BBC wants the whole 'BBC Reported
Building 7 Collapse 20 Minutes Before It Fell' scandal (and believe me, it IS a scandal even if you don't see it on the evening news) to just go away. The BBC is under the impression that knocking down a couple of straw-men and proclaiming 'nothing to see here folks' is going make us all just forget the monumental 'cock up' which is the BBCs attempt at damage control. The BBC is also under the impression that it is only a few 'lone nuts' out there hammering the YouTube and Google Video counts and that this story is going to lose all it's steam by next week.

Well Mr. Richard Porter. This is where you are so very wrong...

We the Undersigned formally demand the following information from
the BBC.

1. Who was the source who told your station that the Salomon
Building had collapsed?

2. Who from the BBC ordered YouTube and GoogleVideo to immediately
start pulling the videos from their sites the day this story broke?

3. Who from the BBC ordered Archive.Org to block and then remove
their copies of the footage which (until this story broke) were freely available online?

4. Who is responsible for and what were the circumstances
surrounding the 'cock-up' which led to the loss of BBC World News' 9/11 footage?

5. Who cut reporter Jane Standley's live feed from NYC at 5:18pm
(EST) on 11/09/01?

Until you answer these 5 questions IN FULL, you can expect the BBC's
phones to be ringing daily with people asking these 5 questions over and over until they are answered.

Take a good look at the number of signatures here Mr Porter. These
are the people who are demanding these answers and these are the people who WON'T go away.

Welcome to the Digital Age Mr. Richard Porter. You're either a news
outlet or a supermarket tabloid. Which is it?


The Undersigned

View Current Signatures

"A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it's going to get."
-- Ian Williams Goddard


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