Saturday, May 03, 2008

Building a New World Conference Update

Cathy Garger (Freelance writer, anti-war activist, and anti-Depleted
Uranium activist)
Who could it be who is a member of this group, who will be speaking
at the New World Conference Update?
The top suspect is Cathy Garger.
Let us know of when there is a video or sound file please Cathy.
Good Luck,
Alfons v911t

--- In, Cathy Garger <savorsuccesslady3@>
> I am forwarding this on to this group because it appears there will
be at least one speaker present at this Conference who will present
information related to the focus of your group.
> Feel free to forward to all you think may wish to know about this
event. This certainly appears to be one really interesting Conference
with its quite varied and eclectic group of speakers and panelists!
> Thank you.
> Cathy Garger
> Building a New World Conference <wpaeditor@> wrote:
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> Building a New World: Radical
Visions Cindy Sheehan, William Blum, David Swanson, Mike Whitney,
Alice Lovelace, Michael Parenti, Robert Jensen, and more ...
> First Summit of the World Prout Assembly May 22-25,
2008 In This Issue Join this Historic Making
Event! Major Sessions Include ... Nationally Renowned
Speakers Include ... Featured Article
> Professors, be sure to inform your departments and students of this
historic event!
> Organizers, be sure to alert your members and sister
organizations to attend this conference!
> Journalists and writers, be sure to attend this conference, for
it will provide you with countless lines of profound insight into the
state of our world today!
> Evolution is gradual change. Revolution is accelerated change. We
are meeting to discuss moving from evolution to revolution.
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> Conference Website Conference Sponsor
> We welcome people from all walks of life to come
and discuss forming one mass movement to create radical change in
America and the world.
> Please join us! Dear Friends,
> The "Building a New World" Conference is right around the
corner! May 22nd through 25th leaders from many walks of life who
are engaged in the fight for justice will be converging to Radford
University to discuss radical solutions to the crisis facing our
nation and world.
> Please join us on May 22-25, 2008 in Radford, Virginia.
> Join us on May 22-25 at Radford!
> In 2008 many of us understand that our nation and our planet are
in a state of crisis. The deep longing for positive, lasting change
is the bedrock upon which this conference is based. How do we fix our
country and our world? And how can we form one mass movement to
address the crisis?
> At Radford University in Radford, Virginia, thousands of
activists, academics, journalists, poets, musicians and policy-makers
will converge at the 2008 "Building a New World" Conference. If you
want to participate in building a new world, sign up now. Hotel and
dorm rooms are limited.
> Speakers include: Anti-war leader Cindy Sheehan, journalist
William Blum, peace activist Kathy Kelly, economist Mike Whitney,
USSF organizer and poet Alice Lovelace, historian Michael Parenti,
impeachment and anti-war leader David Swanson, professor Robert
Jensen, senate candidate Kevin Zeese, SOA Watch founder Father Roy
Bourgeois, IVAW and "Winter Soldier" co-leader Adam Kokesh, Iranian
blogger Kianoosh Sanjari, economist and financial consultant Michael
Hudson, radio broadcaster Meria Heller, Project Censored director and
professor Peter Phillips, "After Capitalism" author and professor
David Schweickart, Tony Award-winning "Rescue Me" star Daniel
Sunjata, Middle East Studies Director Jennifer Lowenstein and many
more leaders and luminaries will join thousands of people from across
the country for a conference that will lay down the foundations for
building a new world now.
> Learn more at

Friday, May 02, 2008

DU Contaminated sand being shipped from Kuwait to...Idaho...YEP!

Subject: DU Contaminated sand being shipped from Kuwait
Date: Fri, 2 May 2008 14:15:03 -0500

Army Shipping Contaminated Kuwait Sand to Idaho Landfill

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Must See! AMERICA IS TYRANNY - George Carlin


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fwd: This Week in 9/11 Truth

George Washington's Blog
Wednesday, April 30, 2008
This has been a fast-pace week. For those of who you have been
busy to keep up, let me summarize:

President Jimmy Carter said calls for a new 9/11
investigation "sound good"

President Bill Clinton said he didn't agree with the Bush
investigation into 9/11 (he also said 9/11 was not an inside job, but
he didn't say it wasn't intentionally allowed to happen or that the
U.S. air force was not stood down)

9/11 truth was discussed again in the Japanese parliament

Conservative Arizona state senator Karen Johnson said she is a
9/11 truth seeker

Anti-war icon Tom Hayden encouraged people to keep on pushing for
an investigation into 9/11

And a BBC anchor who reported on WTC7's collapse early agrees
there may be a 'conspiracy
Indeed, the truth is coming out so quickly that the neocons are
starting to panic. For example, the disinfo boys trotted out a
ridiculous psyops wherein Al-Qaida's No. 2 supposedly says that
theories questioning the official version of 9/11 are propagated by

And White House speech writer and arch neocon David Frum violently
assaulted a 9/11 truth activist for simply asking him some questions.

Is the tide starting to turn?

Be a better friend, newshound, and know-it-all with Yahoo! Mobile.
Try it now.

--- End forwarded message ---

4 Investigates: Floodwalls stuffed with newspaper?

4 Investigates: Floodwalls stuffed with newspaper?

Monday, April 28, 2008

9/11 DVDs for a Dollar Delivered

9/11 DVDs for a Dollar Delivered

Councilor Fujita Presents More 9/11 evidence to Japan Parliament

Yukihisa Fujita back for another round - April 24th, 2008
Submitted by Reprehensor on Sun, 04/27/2008 - 7:31am.

Councilor Yukihisa Fujita of the Democratic Party of Japan, the main
oppositionparty questions 9/11 in parliament again on April 24, 2008.

More Fujita Video:

Fujita presentation of 9/11 evidence to Japanese Parliament - Jan,

- Presention of Pentagon, WTC evidence
- Fujita revealed Japan did not do an independant investigation on
24 Japanese killed in 9/11 but relied soley on word of Bush
- Poll of Japanese Citizens are against current Japanese re-fueling
missions of US Naval fleet to aid US prosecute "War On Terror."
- Even more than physical evidence, Japan Parliament most impressed
by evidence of huge volume of highly profiatable insider trading
and "put" calls just prior to 9/11/2001.

Councilman Fujita's Political Website

Host Webite/Germany